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    Salt needed to open new pool

    Welcome to the forum :wave: POOL SCHOOL is your friend, take some time to read it :) Also do you have a good test kit? Kits compared in POOL SCHOOL.
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    Pool neglected for two years, what now?

    Welcome to the forum dbaker2o! :wave: The best free education in the world:
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    Pool opening roll call!!

    Welcome to TFP Jim! :wave:
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    Above ground Pool startup procedure

    If you read that entire page and the links it has on it you will know how to shock, when to stop and how to keep your pool clean. They sell it because people will buy it not knowing better. This forum is to teach us how to care for our own pools with the least amount of cost and aggravation. I...
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    Above ground Pool startup procedure

    Before you go sending money on stuff have a read here: It will save you time and money.
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    Cloudy Water

    Borate Test strips All other questions can be answered here: And here:
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    Cloudy Water

    Plug in you test reading to the Pool Calculator to get the shock level for your pool.
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    closing an above ground intex pool

    Hi Maria There is some good info at these links: We are expecting highs in the low 80s the next few days here so we will be swimming today. Our 1st pool and going to...
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    Closing newly-installed, newly-filled above-ground pool

    Hi and welcome :) I'm new to the BBB method but this really helped get me going.