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    NFL Wild card games?

    The Irish are still looking for the number of the truck that hit them. I do however remember a game against A&M this year, hmmmm
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    NFL Wild card games?

    Texans and the Seahawks :)
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    The human population

    Congratulations :)
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    Gotta make myself scarce

    Enjoy the banishment, be safe and have fun.
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    My turn to promote/brag

    made ink on the carpet? LOL time to call stanley steamer :) :goodjob:
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    Might as well enjoy the swim time :-D
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    Win, loose or draw?

    Thanks y'all just had to share it, i know I'll never forget it. :-D 257WbyMag and linen, yall are right! Never to cold for the kids but I think I'll wait till the water is a little warmer next time LOL. Took some time to get use to it. She came in this evening and let me know its 72 in the...
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    Emptying an Easy Set

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    Win, loose or draw?

    She might at that LOL It wasn't to bad with the outside temp at 81 and high humidity.
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    Win, loose or draw?

    I went out to vacuum the pool, as she does daily my little one (8 year old) checks the temperature. Our conversation as I vacuum: Daddy the temperature is up to 72, can I swim today? No baby I told you 75 or higher. (Point me) Daddy Spring break is over today please! Baby spring break isn’t...
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    Murphy's Law

    Murphy's Law: If pollen is in the air it will always blow into your pool :P
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    Electric Rates

    0.11 kWh Nice pool btw.