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    SWCG and Acid Feeder Injection Placement

    Back in Jan 2016 I had an acid tank and Stenner pump installed. The feeder tube is about 20 inches away and upstream from the Jandy Apure 35 SWCG. I have had perpetual problems with premature calcium buildup which led to cells not lasting very long. I just installed my 5th replacement cell and...
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    Jandy Apure 35 Issues

    I have had problems with calcium buildup on the cell from nearly the beginning of this product being installed in 2015. It is now out of warranty. It is nearly 4 years old runs 12 to 15 hours per day and I have found that run time necessary to keep the pool clean and sanitary. I live in hot and...
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    CLR for Cell Cleaning vs. Muriatic Acid

    I had to replace my cell after about 28 months. The manufacturer sent me one for free.I had been following Jandy's suggested 10% acid bath cell cleaning procedures to rid the cell of calcium buildup. I maintain my pool meticulously and stay within TFP suggested ranges. The CH ranges 375 - 425...
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    Good Matirix for SWCG Brand Comparison,

    I came across the website and found their brand comparison page which could be quite helpful to members. Comments?
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    Salt Buildup on Plates of Jandyj Aquapure Ei 35 SWCG

    I have noticed an increase in what is probably salt buildup on my electrolytic cell plates. I don't think it is enough to really impact the efficiency as I do not get any sort of error message. Summer water temps are 89 degrees. I keep the salt around 4000 per mfg spec. Calcium is 350. TA 60 pH...
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    Calcium Hardness JUMP, Lesson Learned; But why the rise in Salt? EXPERT HELP NEEDED.

    I have been a member for over a year and have been relying on testing w the Taylor K-2006 Salt Kit. I have been very confident in my testing accuracy, but screwed up in the following ways. I had recalled reading somewhere that once CYA is set, salt is set and calcium is set the only way to...
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    Salt and Calcium Hardness both Unexpectedly HIGH!

    The last time I added salt and calcium was almost 7 months ago in October 2016. At the time my CH was 375 and my salt was 4200. I have not had to drain water from the pool since then. I test frequently for FC and pH. TA and CYA get checked monthly. I figured I could forget about CH and Salt...
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    Stenner Pump 1/4" Feeder and Dispensing Line Failure

    With great suggestions from this site I installed a Stenner system to dose acid 9 months ago. Daily dosage averages 6 oz. I came home from vacation in late September and saw my pH was high. Close investigation revealed what looked like a partial knife cut on the feeder line one inch from the...
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    Pool Tech Maintenance: Community Pool Chemistry

    My obsession with testing has leads me to the conclusion that even though pools are sanitized and kept to a healthy pH by most pool techs. The TA, CYA levels and CH levels are often way off. Our community pool had ZERO CYA, CH of 90, TA of 30, pH of 7.2, FC 15..5, CC <0.5 . The tech had just...
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    Pool Heater Stopped Working on Low Speed

    1.My Jandy pool heater was working fine on the low speed cycle of my 2 speed Jandy pump. I noticed yesterday the pool getting colder and discovered the pump not running on the low speed cycle. The digital message reads "No Flow". I know the bypass is off and all the flow is going through the...
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    Acid Dispenser Dilemna

    I am new to the forum, tired of adding a pint of acid a day. Somehow, using google perhaps, I found an older excellent thread that convinced me that I needed a Pentair Intelliph Acid Dispenser. I might have ordered it too quickly as I was told by a customer service rep of Pentair that it will...
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    Why I'm Here

    Hello Fellow Members, Frustration with and suspicion of pool tech competence, observation of unsightly staining of most of my neighboring pools and spas, protection of a new $40,000 pool and a desire to wrap my head around pool maintenance brought me here. My hat is off to those individuals that...