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  1. debmar

    Going on vacation for a week. Should I add the chlorine pucks to a floater or inside the automatic chlorine feeder?

    And how much should I add? I tried to use the effect of adding, but I don't understand it. The pucks are Leslie Pools 99 % Tri-Chlor, 3 inch 8 ounce each. My average liquid added each date is 1 quart 2 cups. Thank you. FC 8.0 CC 0.0 CYA 50 PH 7.8 This is my feeder below.
  2. debmar

    Can a huge rain storm drop my CYA from 55/60 to 35?

    Went away for a day and did not add chlorine yesterday and there was a huge rain storm that gave us a few inches. My CYA really dropped and my CC is up at 2.0 .. should I be okay just adding my chlorine? Pool water looks amazing. FC 2.0 CC 2.0 PH 7.6 TA 90 CYA 35
  3. debmar

    Do solar covers really help bring up or retain the water temp?

    I also wonder how does the filtration system work with a cover on.
  4. debmar

    First time using the K-2006 and need a little help.

    Used test strips in past so this is new to me. I just did my first test and feeling a little confused. I did read the ABC's and info on here and went though the booklet, need a little help please. I just relined my pool and filled it last weekend. I have a 27 round above ground pool 18,500...
  5. debmar

    Which test kit should I get?

    I have a 28 round above ground pool, chlorine. I see many have the Taylor k2005 and k2006, help please.