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    Strange levels with start-up

    We opened up our pool a few weeks ago and started the usual of getting any debris out and balancing it. Once we got all the debris and began shocking it with liquid chlorine, we noticed that it went yellow in color. I thought it might be mustard algae so we upped the level of shock and it...
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    Clearing a swamp pool - need help!

    Hi, I am new the forum and a new pool owner. I just bought a foreclosed house that has a pool on the property. From what the neighbors tell us, the house has been vacant for 3 years, so the pool has been left to it's devices for 3 years. When we bought it, it had a cover over it, but we...
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    Jets not blowing out water into pool?

    I just purchased a foreclosed home last month and have been working to get the pool back up and in working order. The pool and home sat vacant for 3 years, so it's quite a task! When we got the pool there were 3 pipes coming out from the concrete slab. We assumed these were drain, skimmer...