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    Increasing pH

    Hi All! Have a curious situation with the pH steadily increasing in my pool. First...details: Gunite / in-ground 15000 gallon pool. Built/installed in the mid '80s (came with the house we bought!) Attached jacuzzi with return water that spills back into the main pool CYA = 50ppm. TA = 70ppm...
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    Using Taylor's R-0867 Deox reagent in a K-2005 kit

    New here! First post! I hope someone can help me. We've got the Taylor K-2005 "Complete" test kit (rebranded by Leslie's Pools) that utilizes the DPD test kit for FC and TC. I want to shock our pool using monopersulfate, but its clear that MPS can interfere with the TC reagent, giving an...