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  1. GOONiE

    pebble tec and raw feet

    Common issue. Feet will become adjusted to it. For now think of it as a free pedicure ;)
  2. GOONiE

    Why not keep FC lower recommended levels?

    Purely for convenience. Go ahead and keep FC at a minimal level. You’ll be adding chlorine a couple times a day. If you keep it higher, you have more time in between dosing.
  3. GOONiE

    Cloudy Water

    It’s fine. Just make sure it’s not too old since chlorine degrades overtime. Pool store has fresh supply. Not sure how long hardware store stores their stuff. Check the dates on the bottles.
  4. GOONiE

    Cloudy Water

    Your local pool store will have liquid chlorine.
  5. GOONiE

    Cloudy Water

    Your pool is cloudy because of algae. You need to do a proper slam. Buy a good test kit and a ton of liquid chlorine. You’ll need to raise your chlorine to slam level until the cloudiness goes away.
  6. GOONiE

    Pool is cloudy after a tremendous amount of shock

    How many gallons have you added so far?
  7. GOONiE

    Pool is cloudy after a tremendous amount of shock

    The chlorine smell and the cloudiness are from combined chlorine. Get some liquid chlorine. For reference I had this a couple weeks ago 30k gallon pool. I was out of town so I did a one time slam. I added 12 gallons of chlorine and left the pool running for a couple days. Are you sure the...
  8. GOONiE

    What would happen if you backwash pipe is clogged...

    Amazing. I walked my property while backwashing and found the discharge pipe a 100 yards away at the edge of my yard. lol
  9. GOONiE

    What would happen if you backwash pipe is clogged...

    Anyone know what would happen if the discharge pipe is blocked? Where would the water be forced to go?
  10. GOONiE

    What would happen if you backwash pipe is clogged...

    Theoretically. What would happen if you backwashed your sand filter but the backwash pipe was clogged. Where would the discharge go? Back into the pool? Or would the pressure build up in the filter? My backwash waste pipe goes into the ground and I have no idea where it eventually ends up. My...
  11. GOONiE

    Conflicting info TF100 Kit and Leslie Pool Analysis

    Trust your results. Leslie’s results always vary.
  12. GOONiE

    Open / Close Freeze?

    If you’re worried about power outage. Get a gas generator hooked up to the pool equipment.
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    Stuck in SLAM. Needing assistance.

    Test for ammonia?
  14. GOONiE

    Diving board bolts and rubber caps?

    Home Depot. Boom boom.
  15. GOONiE

    HELP! Builder's "startup" was a CYA dump!

    80ppm is not terrible. Just need a little more chlorine. That cya will come down on its own anyway over time.
  16. GOONiE

    Zero PSI for filter

    What’s your psi at normal operation?
  17. GOONiE


    Saw this picture and immediately thought of TFP :crazy:
  18. GOONiE

    Time-Lapse of New Pool

    very cool, thanks for sharing.
  19. GOONiE

    How often do you really test your water?

    Once a week... been flawless. Add 1/3 gal of 10% chlorine every other day.
  20. GOONiE

    Pump and sand filter questions......

    Seems a little low pressure but I’ve seen that range from 10psi to 40psi. Mine stays constant at 20psi. I think all setups are different. You can try changing the pressure gauge. Their only $10 and screw on easily.
  21. GOONiE

    Why do I have to lower my PH every week?

    I think everyone adds muriatic acid on this forum regularly. Chlorine must raise pH somewhat.
  22. GOONiE

    Ran out of liquid chlorine question

    tablets are just fine for temporary use... there are 2 types. trichlor adds chlorine and cya and calhypo which adds calcium and chlorine... both are fine to use temporarily.
  23. GOONiE

    Vaccuming pool

    try it without the pump on, the hose will not stay put. make sure there is no air in the hose... prefill it with water using the return jet.
  24. GOONiE

    Adding more than one chemical at a time.... chlorine mixed with acid causes a reaction which realeses chlorine gas and can be deadly. Allow 30 min between adding chemicals.
  25. GOONiE

    Pool store pH test...

    So I let my FC drop to 3ppm and my pH stayed at 7.6... TFP method beats the pool store again lol
  26. GOONiE

    Advice for maintaining chlorine levels

    I usually overdose the pool if I know I will skip a few days. Pool FC is safe to swim below slam levels for your cya, so the range is very broad. I normally add chlorine every few days, just make sure to keep it above the cya/fc chart low ppm.
  27. GOONiE

    Pool store pH test...

    Disclaimer. The manager at my Leslie’s is very knowledgeable and never tries to sell me chemicals. Occasionally I take my sample to test for metals and double check my own results. He said pH will not read correctly if FC is above 5ppm. My FC is 7 (cya 60) and pH is 7.6. He neutralized my...
  28. GOONiE

    Best way to test well water before fill

    Test it from the faucet you’re going to be using to fill the pool. Let water run for minute before sampling if you want to be really accurate.
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    Even after backwashing, the pressure still is high(the same as before I backwashed

    How long did u backwash for? do you rinse and tee you backwash?