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    CYA Too High / Draining Question...

    For less than $25 worth of PVC I was able to add a T leading to valve and the right threads for a garden hose. I did it to be able to drain a low spot the builder left between my filter and heater, but it should work for your problem to.
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    I need to drain hot tub into pool....

    I don't think you can do it from the remote, but the "PS4 power center" (looks like a large breaker box) has a control panel inside with a "spa drain" mode that will pump the water into your pool. Here is a link to the install manual which has some pics:
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    Chlorine tablets "pucks"

    The ones I see at Walmart and Costco both contain copper which will build up and cause staining.
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    Neglected IG Turtle Pond - need help

    You might want to take it easy on the Cal-hypo as well since your pool water is already quite hard.
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    Water Looks perfect, but....

    Last year I added borates at 40ppm and salt to 2000ppm and it felt great on my skin, I was tempted to jump in after showering rather than the reverse.
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    new pool owner with a foreclosure swamp

    And doing the overnight test will let you estimate much of the FC you're losing during the day is due to the sun and how much is due to organics that should be mostly when you stop shocking.
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    Residue on top of water, could it be CYA?

    If you are really worried about having added too much CYA, I suggest you rinse you cart(s) today in case there is still some undissolved CYA sitting there dissolving...