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    Filter sucking itself in!

    Hello, My pentair sd80 filter appears to be sucking itself in. What do I do in this case?
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    Bonding between Pump, Heater, Salt Generator Question

    Hello, I just recently had a heater installed and on the bonding lug my installer ran a green wire back inside the heater to the metal. I could have sworn that they were supposed to run a wire from the bonding lug to join the other wire that is hooked to my pump, generator, and...
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    Wifi at pool area

    Hello, I wanted to know what other people are doing about spotty WiFi at their pool area. My pool is about 25 feet away from my back door and wifi coverage is spotty. Is there a good way to do it without running an ethernet cable? Curious what other people are doing to handle this.
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    Pool Electric subpanel fed from main service box?

    Does anyone else have their pool equipment subpanel box right next to the whole house electric box and fed directly from there? I was getting quotes to add a heat pump to my pool and an electrician said this was a major code violation. That he would have to run from the main breaker inside the...