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    Hairline Plaster Cracks 9 months after fill

    I added a pic to the original thread and a couple more to this response from this morning.
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    Hairline Plaster Cracks 9 months after fill

    Hi there! I have a pool that was completed November 2017. It was plastered with Anvil Quartzscape and immediately had extreme finish variations that were unacceptable. After finding TFP and a thread that was on point, I was able to get my contractor to do something about it. After two acid...
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    New plaster Pool Care Suggestions Please

    I did quartzscape in Anvil which is the darkest color made and we've done an acid bath and the calcium deposits are worse now than they were before. I'm guessing we need another acid bath and I think we are going to by the pHin and cancel our pool service because they clearly aren't getting...