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    Putting solid tarp cover over mesh safety cover

    My inground pool already has the mesh safety cover installed. I just bought a tarp-style winter cover to put on top to help the pool open cleaner next spring. It came with 16 water tubes. It occurred to me that normally a tarp cover sits in the water. So if I put it over the safety cover, it...
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    Leaf stains at bottom of inground pool

    Hurrican Irene left me with pounds and pounds of leaves in the bottom of my vinyl liner pool (25k gal). It has taken days to get it all up. And now, particularly in 1 spot, I have a 6' (yes - foot) brown stain where the leaves had been sitting. Please tell me that I can get this off. Will...
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    Northstar died - Simply question regarding replacement motor

    My Northstar pump died (well, it was squealing like a pig and pool guy said it was dying). It was a 1.5 HP motor / 1.25 Service Factor. I called around and found a company that had one in stock (the pool company wanted to charge double the price I could find everywhere). They told me they had...
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    How many TriChlor tabs to last for 5 day vacation?

    I have been using liquid chlorine to maintain my pool. I'm going away this Wednesday morning, and will be returning Sunday evening. 5 full days. I'd like to use some leftover TriChlor 3" tabs in the auto-dispenser attached near the pump to get me through those 5 days. Question: Assuming I...
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    Keep shocking if CC is 0, chem is ok, but water is cloudy?

    Opened pool on Friday. Got all levels where they need to be, and am keeping FC at shock level. Water is still cloudy, but getting better every day. Do I need to keep at shock level until the sand filter clears everything up? Or am I to lower FC to normal levels now the CC is at 0? I think...
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    pH when closing pool?

    I have having my pool closed for me this year. I'm going to watch to learn how. They told me to drop the pH to 7.0 before they get there. I see other places 7.2-7.6. Mine is currently 7.5. What's the appropriate target?
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    Dumb questions - Why pool store / product advice different?

    This may have been answered before, but I'll ask anyway. The general TFP guidance is that I don't need to super chlorinate if I keep chlorine above the min level for my CYa. Yet, every chlorine product you buy in the stores will give you the "once a week / superchlorination" recommendation...
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    My results after draining of water - thoughts?

    I drained a little more than 1/2 my pool, and refilled with tap water. I intend to go with liquid chlorine now, instead of Trichlor / Cal-hypo the pool guys were using. Just tested results: 25000 gallon inground, vinyl-lined pool 82 degrees (water) Direct sun from 8am to 4pm daily. CYa: 50...
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    OK - So I'm draining 1/2 my pool and refilling today. Next?

    Had very high CYA and CH numbers due to Trichlor / CalHypo regimen. Water is otherwise spotless. SO, draining roughly half and refilling today / tomorrow with water from hose. And then moving to a liquid chlorine regime (maybe with some algeacide / clarifier as well since I have so much of...
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    Newbie - Best / safest way to drain inground pool

    HI - New guy here, with a 25k gallon pool in need of draining. (High CH and CYa). My estimate is that I need to drop it by 1/2. I'm told it's dangerous to drain, and I understand why. But I don't need to go all the way down. The bottom will always be covered by at least 6" of water. Of...