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    Solar cover tear repair?

    The solar cover I use for more than a year has tears about 1 foot long. Is there any way to repair that? Any underwater tape that works on those?
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    Is there any insulating blanket for pool?

    I have a solar cover. I want to reduce heat loss at night. Is there any product like a floating water-proof blanket to put on top of the water to reduce heat loss at night? It can also be solid foam boards. I can put them on in the evening and remove them in the morning. Has anyone tried...
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    Add a sock to Pentair pump basket

    I changed my pump to Pentair pump and the basket design is different from the old one. The new basket is tall and water shoots in from the side opening. Is there a sock I can use for this Pentair pump basket? If not, is there a different kind of pump basket for this pump that works with socks?
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    Winter swimming

    My pool temperature in winter/spring is around 60 degree. Thinking I may be able to swim laps in my pool in winter if I put on a wet suit. I saw people selling whole body wet suit for water sports. Does anyone swim in your pool in winter / spring with your wet suit on? How cold does it feel...
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    Dry Acid effects in Pool Math

    In Pool Math, I put in 20k gal pool, TA=100. In effects of adding chemicals section, I put in 128 oz of dry Acid. The result is pH lowers by 1.07. This seems too small compared to real life. Is the calculation wrong?
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    Cloudy water after cleaning filter

    The flow from the return jets slowed down a lot recently. So 2 days ago I decided to take apart my Hayward 48 sq ft DE filter and clean all elements. After cleaning and assembling the filter, I put in DE in the skimmer, measured with Leslie's blue scoop. The pool store guy told me that 1...
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    Liquid Chlorine increases TDS?

    I went to the pool store and ask if they sell liquid chlorine. The sales person said she doesn't recommend liquid chlorine for regular use since it increases TDS. Is this true? I am thinking of using liquid chlorine instead of powder Calcium hypochloride shock .