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    Adhesive Recommendations for Replacing Tiles That Fell Off

    The tiles around my pool are irregular shaped. At one location around the perimeter of the pool, a small tile fell off. I didn't think much of it, until another fell off, right next to where the first one fell off a few months earlier. Then a few days ago, a large tile fell off adjacent to...
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    Outlet Pipe for Polaris Booster Pump - Metal or Plastic?

    I went to change the housing on my Polaris booster pump for the pool sweep, and noticed that the pump outlet pipe screwed into the pump housing is metal rather than plastic. This metal pipe is going into plastic on both ends, the pump housing and the pipe fitting. It looks like the pipe might...
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    Looking for REPUTABLE and HONEST Online Vendors for Pool Equipment Parts

    I was really surprised that I ran into two large online vendors who are disreputable, and substituted cheap off-brand parts, even when their website shows a completely different manufacturer for the part ordered. It's obvious they are trying to pad their profits slipping purchasers inferior...
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    Flexible Grout Between Coping and Deck

    There is a white substance between the coping and concrete desk that looks and feels like grout but is flexible. It is starting to crack, and I want to replace or repair it. Anyone know what this substance is, and where I can buy it? Any tips on replacing it? Thanks!
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    How to Clean Filter Grids and Dispose of Waste

    I noticed that the filter pressure has gone up over time, even after replacing the DE. I have read that it is good to clean the DE filter grids occasionally. I'm new to this. One suggestion was to dunk the grids in a diluted acid bath in a plastic garbage can. After I'm done, what would I do...
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    Taylor R-0004 Appears Darker Than R-0014

    I bought a bottle of R-0004 thinking it was just a larger version of R-0014. However, I noticed that R-0004 is much darker (showing higher pH) than R-0014. You can see the fluid is darker in the bottle. Did I get a bad bottle, or is there a difference in these products?
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    Home Depot "Pool Time" vs. Lowes "Chlorox" DE

    I bought some Home Depot "Pool Time" DE, and mixed it with water before putting it in the pool skimmer. I noticed that it had some dark pebble like material at the bottom of the bucket, that I did not get with the Chlorox DE at Lowes. I feel that the Chlorox DE is of higher quality, than Pool...
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    Need Recommendation for Reaffixing Small Pool Tile

    Hi have a small pool tile, about the size of a quarter coin that fell off just above the water line. I was wondering what people recommend to glue it back on permanently. I scanned the forum, and there were several suggestions to other people. Let me know what you think is best, or your...
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    Pool Cloudy After Adding DE

    I've never had a problem with this before. I took the filter apart and cleaned the grids, put it back together. I took a bucket, put a measured amount of DE, and added water mixing it in. I put it in the skimmer housing (without the skimmer and restrictor) SLOWLY. Everything seemed fine, and...
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    My Experience with Floater/Pucks

    I bought my house two years ago, and started with TFP right away, so I didn't have any experience with chlorine pucks. I needed to raise my CYA, so I thought it would be a good time to experiment with them, in case I went on an extended vacation. I researched pucks, and found that many of them...
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    Raise CYA with Trichlor Tabs?

    My CYA started out at 150 when I got my house with the pool. With water changes, using the TFP methods here, and general degradation of CYA, it is now under 20. So I need to raise it a bit. I was thinking of using a floater with Trichlor to do this. I am going on vacation this summer, and...
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    Has Anyone Cleaned Their Pool Tiles, and, If So, How?

    I posted this question on the Getting Started Forum, and got more questions than answers. I am hoping to find people who have undertaken the task of cleaning their pool tiles, and not resorting to a soda/bead blasting service. I have seen it recommended here to use 5:1 diluted muriatic acid in...
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    What Tool to Remove Tile Deposits?

    I've searched all over this forum, but could not find the answer to this. I plan on using 5:1 diluted muriatic acid in a spray bottle to clean the deposits on the pool tiles. What's missing from this equation is what to use to actually rub off the deposits without it dissolving from the acid...
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    Will Metal Magic Remove Metal Staining?

    I have light staining over the entire pool plaster which gives the blue pool plaster a yellowish tinge. I had some dark small 1/2" stains that I removed with ascorbic acid tablets. This actually cleared a yellowish tinge area around the dark stain, too, for about a foot. I read about Metal...
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    Why Do SWG Pools Have Lower FC Recommendation for Same CYA?

    I have looked everywhere, and have not found any reason why a SWG pool would have 2-3 ppm lower FC recommendations for Minimum and Target than a non-SWG pool for the same CYA. Can anyone give me an explanation?
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    Can Wind Increase Acid Demand?

    Lately I have been going through half a gallon of acid a week, or even more, which is higher than normal. My TA is the same at 60. I have a spa spillway, but only a trickle goes down it. I have noticed it's been windy lately, and there are ripples on the water most of the day. Can wind...
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    Clean Pole Recommedations Wanted

    My extending cleaning pole collapses on itself when I push it along the pool floor during brushing. Anyone have recommendations for a pole that doesn't do this?
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    Can Letting Chlorine Get Too Low Raise pH?

    I noticed a strange phenomenon. If I neglect my chlorine level, and it gets too low, to the point of creating some algae, I have found that the pH goes sky high. Is there an inverse relationship between chlorine level and pH, perhaps indirectly through some other mechanism? Michael
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    Weird Water Flow to Spa

    I can't figure this out. I have a pool with an attached spa. The water coming over the spillway varies considerably day to day. From the pump, water branches off to the pool and spa. The spa side has a check valve, so if you have the distribution valve set to spa, it won't backflush into the...
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    Identifying Metal That Has Already Plated Out

    I have an even staining on my pool that turns my blue plaster slightly yellowish. I have had small dark stains that I thought were organic, and put ascorbic acid tablets on them with good success. The immediate area were I have put the tablet had also ridded the area of the yellowish...
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    Confused About Ascorbic Acid Results

    I have a number of brown stains on my pool that I thought were the result of me letting the chlorine getting too low, pH too high, and leaves and tree berries getting in the pool when I first moved into the house. Chlorine pucks would not touch these stains. Lowering pH and SLAMing didn't do...
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    Should Inlet Check Valve Hold Water Overnight?

    I have a check valve on the inlet side of the main pump. When the pump starts up after sitting overnight, there is a lot of air in the system. I suspect water is back flowing through the check valve overnight. I have small leaks at the heater inlet/outlet and the booster pump inlet. I...
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    Pool Store Tested for Metals with Test Strips - Any Good?

    I took my water sample to the pool store, and to my surprise, they used test strips to test for copper and iron. The results came back with zero for both. Should the results be trusted?
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    At What FC Level Does the pH Measurement Become Inaccurate, and in Which Direction?

    I searched the forum for answers to this, and couldn't find one. At what FC level does the pH measurement become inaccurate? At high FC levels, does the pH read higher or lower than it really is? Can you have a CYA level that demands so much FC that you will never get an accurate pH...
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    My Advice to Newbies - Use the Chlorine Pucks Until...

    As a newbie myself, now that I am three months in, I wish I had done things differently. This site is about self pool maintenance. However, learning how to run a pool takes time and experience. It's much more difficult to get the water balanced for a newbie than the seasoned veterans on here...
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    Lighter, Brighter Shade of Blue Plaster at Deep End

    If I don't destroy my pool, and myself, it is going to be a miracle. The plaster in this pool is blue in color, and somewhat mottled with age. There is an area at the deep end that is brighter blue than the rest of it. I think this may have happened when I added acid at one of the jets at the...
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    Chlorine and Vitamin C - No Effect on Stain - What Next?

    I got some several small stains on the steps which resemble the bigger ones I have failed to get rid of at the deep end. 1) Bleach poured on stain did nothing (not organic?) 2) Vitamin C tablet laid on stain did nothing (not metallic?) 3) Vitamin C rubbed on stain did nothing (not...
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    Adding Acid - DON'T DO WHAT I DID! - Now I Am Off to the Doctor

    I thought I was taking every precaution when adding acid to my pool. Safety Googles Charcoal Respirator Nitrile Gloves Hose to wash off acid splash Bucket to contain acid if leaked Last night, at about 9pm, I opened the 14.5% acid in a bucket. It had the seal on the opening. The seal didn't...
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    Will pH Read High with High FC And High CYA

    I was surprised that my pH seem to rise dramatically over a couple weeks, after raising the chlorine due to high CYA. I was also trying to get rid of some algae. At the same time, I got the pool pump system working better with better flow, so the spillway for the spa started working. Now I am...
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    Five Brown Stains at Deep End - Trichlor and Ascorbic Acid No Change - What Next?

    I have five brown stain at the deep end of the pool ranging in size from 1/2" to 2". I tried scraping trichlor pucks on them and letting it sit until the water dissolved it away. I tried laying trichlor pucks on them for several minutes. I put crushed Vitamin C tablets in a sock on them for...