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    Fleet Farm "discussion"

    Fleet farm has 34 stores in 4 States-- North Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Thats all folks. As far as I can tell.
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    how to properly lube the lid o-ring

    I've been maintaining my pool for over 2 yrs now. I've cleaned the pump strainer basket weekly and backwash at that time as well as when my pressure gets too high. This morning for example. When I removed the lid, the o-ring came loose. After wiping it clean, blackening my hand in the process...
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    I'm Confused

    Everything I've read here says pH will rise when using a SWCG. However, while setting up and testing a spread sheet I've developed to determine approximate ozs of Chlorine gas produced for various running time and production %s for my SWG, and plugging the resulting values into Pool Math's...
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    Going on vacation-- how to prepare

    So, I'm leaving home around the 24th and will be gone up to 3 weeks. I'm thinking I should provide for a 2-2.5 fc loss per day while I'm gone and factor that to set my si-45 to run for 8hrs @ 80% the time I'm away. I'm also thinking to build my fc up to 10ppm prior to leaving to provide a...
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    Finally got my SWG running, Now came home from to a pump or two problem.

    I was afraid of coming home to a green pool-- well , it wasn't green, but yellow from all the pine pollen floating on the top and some leaves on the bottom. Sometime during the week I was gone, the filter pump and maybe the cleaner boost pump stopped working with the resulting no flow lights on...
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    I FINALLY got my SWG installed and running

    You know, I've not seen what the 2lbs /day means. I FINALLY got mine installed and running. Shows my salinity level is 3500ppm after 16 bags. Everything working ok -- except for two minor leaks in a couple of my plumbing connections. Initial numbers at start up: FC-- 5.5 Cc--< .5 PH--7.8...
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    New wiring question For My Intermatic P1353ME digital timer.

    First, thanks for everyone's help in installing it late last year!!! And WOW. am I ever glad I spent the money for it!!! Now a new question. I'm planning on installing a SWCG soon, and was wondering how to wire my timer to ensure the pump is running when the SWCG is running. Should I wire it to...
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    CompuPool / CircuPool-- Which is best for the $

    I have seen that they're both made by the same company. But there is a dearth of vendors for the CircuPool-- Ebay, circupool, and discountsaltpool thus not much competitionl; whereas, there are quite a few for the CompuPool. From, the pics I've seen of the CircuPool, they don't have a...
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    CompuPool cpx series-haven't seen much about them here in TFP

    But from what I HAVE seen, they're a big improvement over the CPSC series. Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations on them?
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    replacing two mech timers with a digital-- need wiring advic

    The two manual timers, both intermatic t104pdc are tied together to run my filter and boost pumps. My new intermatic 1353me includes freeze protection. I want to make sure it turns on both pumps when necessary. It seems mode 3 will only turn on the filter pump. It's there a way to fully...