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  1. GOONiE

    Wifi pool timer...

    Has anyone installed a wifi timer or switch to replace an old analog timer? Current setup is a standard 220v timer, would like to control with a phone app.
  2. GOONiE

    Mud in pool- no vacuum setup on pump

    Hook up a hose to the inlet in the skimmer and vacuum away. Amazon also sells Battery powered handheld vacuums as well. Not sure how effective they are.
  3. GOONiE

    Pool bricks -get hot.

    Yeah very nice, can't even tell it's a AG pool.
  4. GOONiE

    Pool bricks -get hot.

    splash it down ;)
  5. GOONiE

    Automatic cover anchoring

    epoxy a bunch of pavers to anchor the pavers that moved?
  6. GOONiE

    My pool water is 95 degrees. Saw a older thread by Dave on something he built. Lookin
  7. GOONiE

    Large bubble on vinyl liner at the bottom of pool

    that's what the grease is for. Sounds like water to me albeit it's kind of odd that it's shaped like a basketball. How old is the liner?
  8. GOONiE

    Water behind Pool Liner, and a fix

    great work, thanks for the write up! Still amazed what a little suction can do to the water behind a liner.
  9. GOONiE

    How much water do you lose per week?

    2” per week here and my pool is covered most of the time.
  10. GOONiE

    Hole in liner! Is this a seam?

    seam failure... should be covered by warrantee. hope you had a trust worthy installer.
  11. GOONiE

    Anyone here have any experience with pool automation

    I would think all heaters have a pressure switch installed for safety.
  12. GOONiE

    Pool light diffuser anyone?

    I looked at the selection of bulbs you guys carry... are there any that work by remote. Would rather not cycle through my on/off switch to find the perfect sequence. My light switch isn't near the pool, would be a lot of running around to make sure I have the color I want lol
  13. GOONiE

    Skimmer weir door sticking

    I would shave the door so it swings freely.
  14. GOONiE

    Pool Toy Storage.

    I have 2 of these : Keter Rockwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture 150 Gal, Brown : Garden Outdoor
  15. GOONiE

    How to repair hole cut in concrete deck from return line fix?

    In my pool they cut the holes exactly the size of the skimmer covers. So I have extra skimmer covers over the return jets. You can find an appropriate plastic access panel, like they use in walls.
  16. GOONiE

    Minnesota: To Heat or Not To Heat

    Heater help extend our swimming season.
  17. GOONiE

    Pool thermometer review...

    Sorry to hear that. Mine has been flawless. Even froze inside our pool and read temperature all winter lol
  18. GOONiE

    What to do with old chlorinator

    that's pretty cool. How exactly does it work? Water runs through the box into the pool?
  19. GOONiE

    Unknown pool opening

    Yup, adds air into the return jet like you see in a hot tub.
  20. GOONiE

    Need help with a Vinyl Liner Repair

    I've always been under the assumption that liners last 6-12 years... so 9 years is a good run. Patch it for now, but you should be planning for a new liner after this season.
  21. GOONiE

    Pool thermometer review...

    Thought I would share since I love my thermometer. Flawless the past 14 months. Even sat outside all...
  22. GOONiE

    Pool Overflowed

    you must be on a really high water table... unfortunately, the water around your pool saturated enough to push you liner out. I think the only remedy is to drain enough to contour the liner back into place. But with the water table as high as it is... that might just make things worse.