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    Stenner with Tank Mounting

    I cut twice and measured none. Got my Stenner with 15 gal. tank today. Now I found out that I don't have enough space on the pad to mount it. I am thinking about using a stainless steel strap or just a regular strap which will be installed in the stucco and then wrapped around the tank. Does...
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    Stenner Pump w/tank

    Initially, I was leaning toward installation of a SWCG. It turns out I just don't have enough clearance between the heater and return line. Major manifold changes are required according to a pool store. Now I am leaning towards a 220 volt Stenner system with 15 gal tank. I will install it...
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    CDC Warning

    After learning a lot in this forum, I have never gone to a public pool. Just an interesting article some may find enlightening. The CDC advises: Don’t swallow the water in a hotel swimming pool | Science News
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    Complete DE Grid assembly with Manifold

    Hi All. I had a bright idea about a month ago. Why not buy a complete grid assembly? Because, when I break down my DE filter , take out the grid assembly, remove grids, clean and inspect individual grid, soak them overnight in TSP solution and re-assemble them, it takes up to 24 hours. If I have...
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    Seriously thinking about SWCG

    Have had enough with the tabs and CYA. Thinking seriously about switching over SWCG. I have attached a picture with the post. Questions follow. 1. I would like to keep the Chlorinator for emergencies/vacations. 2. Where to install the salt cell. 3. I am aware that I will need a check valve...
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    Motor+Plump Replacement

    My pumping unit is making screeching(?) noise and it seems that the valve setting on skimmers only has much reduced flow rate then when set in the main drain only (this seems counterintuitive). I plan to change out the whole pump/motor assembly. Looking online I find an assembly complete with...
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    Pentair Challenger Pump Clamp Leak

    The pool level was low and the culprit was a leak at the pump assembly clamp. Bought a couple of O rings for the housing and the hi-head. Too hot outside to replace it right now. When I do the reassembly, how tight should the clamp be tightened? I hope that solves the problem. Any other...
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    Electrical Disconnect Switch for Pool Hardware

    I have all the pool equipment on a concrete slab (heater, DE filter, Pump, booster pump for Polaris and aerator for the spa). The main 220 volt service comes into the Intermatic mechanical timer and gets to different devices from there. It is supplied by a breaker in the main panel in the...
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    Chlorinator 320

    My chlorinator does not show water flow (with the cover open) when I switch the pump suction valve to main drain position. It shows flow when the valve is switched to 'skimmers' position. I am not sure why this is happening. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Lost DE through Multiport Valve

    I took the filter apart, cleaned the grids and recharged the filter (5 lbs of DE). After about 30 minutes, noticed that the pool level was down. Discovered that the spider gasket on multiport valve was mangled. After changing the spider gasket do I need to replenish all the DE? One away to know...
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    Pump Offset

    Ok, A new venture for me. Since the pump housing(diffuser?) was cracked so I called a pool company. They did not return my call. So I purchased a new housing. I cut the line to four way valve and am trying to re-install the pump. As it stands the pump housing is about 1/2 inch away from the...