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    Under water breathing apparatus?

    As I recall there is a fairly shallow limit (3-4 feet?) beyond which a snorkel won't work because the pressure outside your body is so much higher than the pressure at the end of the snorkel. On the bright side, this should do a lot for your cardio fitness...
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    Jandy lite2 won't fire up. Block siphon tube?

    The switch and tube and 18 and 19 on this diagram:
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    Jandy lite2 won't fire up. Block siphon tube?

    I figured out that if I jumped the presure switch the heater would come on so I ordered a new switch. The new switch also doesn't close the circuit. So I pointed the siphon tube in a direction I didn't mind getting wet and turned on my pump with the switch off and nothing came out. :( I...
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    Liquid Solar Covers - Do they work?

    I don't know about carts or borates, but I couldn't feel or see it. And the packages say to add more regularly.