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  1. GOONiE

    Jacuzzi brand heater...

    Cool. Thanks. Jacuzzi brand is Leslie’s. Jacuzzi heater = raypak Jacuzzi pump = pentair Jacuzzi filter = pentair Leslie’s rebadged them and adds 2 more years warranty.
  2. GOONiE

    Jacuzzi brand heater...

    Anyone else here have these heaters? I have a Leslie’s very close and looking to replace my old Pentair. Jacuzzi brand is just a rebadged Raypak for Leslie’s. They offer a 5 year warranty on their jacuzzi brand but wonder if I should just get a Hayward instead?
  3. GOONiE

    Benefits of adding DE?

    You can buy DE on amazon. I’ve been thinking about adding it to my sand filter as well since I bought a robot cleaner and won’t be backwashing as often anymore. I will try a cup of DE and see what happens. Current psi is 20.