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    Trouble DRAINING Pool

    I just opened my pool and seen part of my vinyl lining is sagging. Also, I am starting my 3rd year and was thinking it would be a good time to drain pool which would also make fixing vinyl easier. I am able to drain from spa and even skimmer but not the main drain. it never primes. The water...
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    Vacuuming for first time

    Trying to vacuum for first time. I hear main drain needs to be turned off. None of mine were labeled. I have 3 handles. 1 handle controls which returns water comes out of (spa vs pool). Another controls something with the skimmer. If turned one way, the pool doesnt seem to spill over well...
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    Foamy Inground Vinyl Pool

    Hey guys, long time lurker but super newbie. This is first year I'm opening my pool on my own. It started green and now it looks blue but cloudy (cant see the bottom in many areas) and top is foamy. I thought it was dead algae floating and was ready to looking flocking but the more I look at...