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    AGP how long last? How big to go?

    Thank you all for advice. If pool is taken care of how long can i expect it to last? I know there are many variables. Just curious of ball park numbers.
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    AGP how long last? How big to go?

    We want to put in a big above ground pool next year. Our kids 5 and 1. Do we go big as we can? Or smaller pool while kids are small. In about 8 years go big. My wife wants 15 x 30 foot oval pool. Which is about as big of foot print we can go including couple feet around to set up. Im considering...
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    Ground edge around pool

    What can i put around edge of intex metal frame pool? I dont want anything to hard to clean up. Because i will remove all at end of season to prep for big above ground pool for next year. We just recently installed small 10'x30" intex pool for our 5 year old daughter. I had to escavate area...