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    Vinyl Liner Pattern Roundup Project - Post Pic & Name Of Your Liner

    I know that fancy beers with all kinds of strange ingredients are all the rage now. But fish beer? No thanks!
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    Dumping used DE?

    Or just get a sand filter.
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    Dumping used DE?

    It's all Dead Sea creatures- diatoms. Just processed finer for filtering purposes. And as a previous poster said only "mildly carcinogenic" if you inhale the dried powder. Once it's been used in the filter and discharged, I would argue it really is no hazard. You could make the same "mildly...
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    Leaking Pipe

    That's exactly the opposite of what I have been taught and what every plumber I have ever know has stated about using tape vs dope on threaded fittings. Regardless, I would uncouple at the union, replumb with new elbow and PVC and use the teflon tape per the hayward instructions. And for...
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    Dumping used DE?

    Hook up a hose and drain to the lawn. It's natural and won't really hurt anything. In fact it's used as a non-poisonous bug killer in some instances. But it won't hurt the lawn at all.
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    Leaking Pipe

    Do you have any plumbing skills at all? This is not a plumber job for someone who is DIY handy. But if you have never worked with PVC before, I wouldn't make this my first attempt. Threaded fittings can sometimes be tough to get sealed. IN any event, if you do try it yourself- do not use...
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    Want to replace DB Skimmer with Standard Skimmer

    I plan to do some rennovation work to my 20+ year old Doughboy pool this fall to include a new liner, skimmer, return, and rotating the pool wall in order to move the skimmer to opposite side of the pool. The problem is DBs skimmer is apparently proprietary and my understanding is that they...
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    Doughboy pool rebuild - help and advice - long post alert!

    I've got a DB I'm planning to rebuild in the fall. Lots of pics please! (Mine won't be as much of an adventure as yours!)
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    Little piles of stuff on the bottom of my pool keeps returning.

    What kid of filter? Another possibility is DE from a torn grid if you use a DE filter. I had that problem once, thought it was algae. But it was DE blowing through a torn grid. Sorry, just re-read and you mention a cartridge filter. So it's not DE!
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    What type of store would i find flex pvc pipe?

    Where are you planning to use it? I have it between pump and filter and from filter to return. Be advised that it tends to get "sucked flat" when used on the pressure side between your skimmer and pump intake. I like it as it lasts for years- unlike the cheap corrugated pool hoses. But I...
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    Concrete pool deck waht is better stain or epoxy paint

    Stain for sure. Many of the epoxy paints aren't rated for UV exposure or consistently wet environments.
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    You get yours, I'll get mine build in Navasota, TX

    Pool looks great. I'm subscribing for the shop build!
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    Sand filter pressure issues

    You sure it's a sand filter and not a DE filter? You describe what sounds like A DE filter that hasn't been recharged with DE. Something is wrong as you shouldn't be going that high in only an hour. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not enough room to refill sand filter to recomended weight

    Re: Not enough room to refill sand filter to recomended weig Are you sure it's a 200lb filter? The reason I ask is because I just bought a new Sand Filter. In doing my homework, all of the current 18-19" filters seem to be 150 pounders while the 21 and 22" filters are the 200 pound filters...
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    Installing Liquidator and Plumbing on Above Ground Pool (AGP

    Re: Installing Luquidator and Plumbing on AGP I am not too familiar with the liquidator and this part doesn't make sense to me- do you have any pictures? I'd love to see some pictures of the actual liquidator connections.
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    Pool store scam???

    Funny thing is, I could say that EXACT same thing about my local family owned community centered pool store. If I'm gonna get a headache out of the deal, Might as well save some $$$ while I'm at it.
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    Can someone tell me what kind of pool I have?

    Yup- It's a Doughboy. If you go to their website, there is a pretty good tool there that can help you locate the specific model and usually there are parts lists as well. Mighty helpful.
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    Anybody ever smoke with Pear

    Thanks to a severe thunderstorm tonight, I will be spending part of my weekend cleaning up two Bradford pear trees that are now destroyed. I did a little research on the net and cannot get a good sense of whether or not pear wood is any good for smoking. I would assume so since it's fruit...
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    backwash port

    Jeff- RE: Pressure gauge- I copied this from another post. You can get the gauge at a home improvement store. But if you're going to the pool store to get silly lube anyway, you can also get one there.
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    Would like to hear from some happy trichlor users

    I'm in the same general area as Anna (latitude wise) and I use a hybrid method also. I have an AG and partially drain it every year to winterize . . that's where my CYA goes. I start the season with pucks and switch to bleach when appropriate. I do use quite a bit of Borax while using...
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    Proud new owner of an above-ground SWAMP

    I just want to say congrats. In three days, you have 10 pages of posts !!! That's got to be some kind of record. Make sure you drain that port this winter if you close the pool, so it doesn't freeze. Now you're seriously in business and will be swimming in NO TIME!
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    Swim Pro SW256T Sand Filter

    Re: Does anyone have a picture of the label on top of the mu I don't have that exact filter, but have a Hayward . . . maybe they're similar? I won't be home for a few days, so can't get a pic till then. IIRC . . . With the pump input and return on the left side of the multiport and the...
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    Proud new owner of an above-ground SWAMP

    You're getting a clog somewhere. Your filter doesn't have an air relief valve because (presumably) everything is below the water line and will fill and expel all the air naturally. When the water comes out of the return, does it have bubbles in it? If not, no air in system. Water can cover...
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    Proud new owner of an above-ground SWAMP

    11 sounds good. My filter is brand new with brand new sand and is at 8- so comparatively you're good. The good news is that you have gotten most of the filth out of the pool and your filter seems to be in good working order now. Now it's simply a matter of keeping your chlorine high...
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    Proud new owner of an above-ground SWAMP

    Actually Lowes and HD both carry pressure gauges. Just not in the pool section. They are in the plumbing section with the well pumps and such. The same gauge is used on residential well systems. If you look in the area with the pressure switches and blow off valves, there are pressure...
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    Proud new owner of an above-ground SWAMP

    My understanding is that sand lasts a long time generally. I would go the garden hose route and clean that puppy up as much as possible. Then I would go back to filtering normally to see if your pressures improve. I suspect that the backwashing is just not doing the trick (or there is a...
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    Proud new owner of an above-ground SWAMP

    Don't give up. Yes, you've spent $40 on bleach so far. But you also mention calling a pool guy. You'll spend WAY WAY WAY more than $40 if you hire a pool guy!! And I'll bet next week's lunch money the results won't be as good. You really need some P.O.P. - it comes in a big can with a...
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    How far is too far for hard plumbing?

    I'm not sure, which I why I mention it. I would probably try to rig a threaded fitting somewhere in the line where I could mount a schrader valve and pressure gauge to blow things out each fall. I plan to hard plumb mine next year, but will likely use unions so I can disconnect everything...
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    Proud new owner of an above-ground SWAMP

    Re: Newbie with a swamp having pump/filter problems A couple of things: 1) Keep everything in the same post. After reading this comment, I would recommend that you abandon this post and go back to following your original post. It's OK to add new problems to an old post as it makes it...
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    How far is too far for hard plumbing?

    Since you're in WV also keep in mind how you will winterize the plumbing. 15' underground will require some winterization, either blowing out the lines or filling them with RV antifreeze.