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  1. Taz

    PSI issue

    yep. Dropped the cover when cleaning mine & shattered the cover/bent the needle shaft on the gauge last week. Only $7.35 to replace.
  2. Taz

    AutoPilot SWG Reminder - Clean the Screen!

    Thought I'd offer a bit of advice before going into high gear when something goes wrong. Except for having to pump lots of water from two tropical depressions this year, the pool's been great & TroubleFree (to coin a phrase). A couple of days ago I noticed a check flow warning very similar to...
  3. Taz

    The Monster that Lurks Over my Pool

    They vary by size (of course). You'll need a concrete footer around the perimeter. I think our 36' by 36' was roughly $9,500. Price will depend on the roof design, number of doors, etc.
  4. Taz

    rules for inground placement

    My property value has been steadily declining since I bought so the pool had substantial impact on what I had been paying. My homeowners insurance was a wash as well. I did add an umbrella policy with the pool (& a teenage driver). It was fairly inexpensive - the umbrella policy that is...
  5. Taz

    More to dislike about public pools

    I feel very sad for the family. The situation at the pool gets worse. Somehow two inspectors missed the body. ( ... -for-days/)
  6. Taz

    Polaris 360 Question

    As you found, the 360 does not require a booster pump. My pool has 3 wall returns plumbed from 2 in lines to 1.5 in directional fittings + a return with a 1/5 inch female fitting for the cleaner. A 1 HP pump provides enough more than enough flow for it and the other returns. You can always...
  7. Taz

    8 foot Gator in Pool

    Thankful we decided to put in an enclosure, although I did find a black snake swimming in the pool last fall. Since moving in 5 years ago I've killed 3 pygmy rattlesnakes (1 bit our dog), 2 juvenile (30" long) moccasins, and 1 scarlet snake (mistaken for coral snake). So much for living in a...
  8. Taz

    Pet Pictures

    Re: Post Pictures of your animals This is the real Taz - a whippet in case you weren't sure. BTW, he hates the pool & us splashing around in it. [attachment=1:2zxj82yo]IMG003 (640x427).jpg[/attachment:2zxj82yo] [attachment=0:2zxj82yo]IMG_0814 (640x480).jpg[/attachment:2zxj82yo]
  9. Taz

    Polaris 360 new user, new pool owner, new convert to SWG

    Hopefully a expert comes by but there are two possibilities. 1. The small pump receiving water below the SWG that goes out to the dedicated cleaner return (or a water feature ???). It seems that if that isn't running, you will not get much flow to that return. Also, the single valve heading...
  10. Taz

    Polaris 360 new user, new pool owner, new convert to SWG

    There should be valve(s) after the filter heading to the return lines. I have 2 valves after the filter & SWG. The first goes to the return intended for the cleaner (also a Polaris 360); the other goes to the other 3 returns. I normally open the cleaner return valve all the way and close the...
  11. Taz

    What is everyone's occupation/profession?

    My bride wanted to go back to work (engineer) so we swapped. She now works for the Navy - go figure. Fly safe. -- Taz
  12. Taz

    Help with plaster patch, acid wash order

    19 years? Water getting behind the plaster? Might be time to replaster entire pool? Bump (for the experts to chime in).
  13. Taz

    What is everyone's occupation/profession?

    Retired naval flight officer now serving as the stay-at-home dad. I really ought to find a part-time job as the kids have gotten older but ......
  14. Taz

    1 toe in for awhile, now I'm in all the way.

    DDP powder: just scoop using the tiny spoon so you get a well-rounded heap. You must have a killer mold problem! Good luck.
  15. Taz

    Pool Finish

    Re: POOL FINISH Never ask a TFP guy/gal for a photo of their pool! Hope these help you get an idea. Our pool is also a 15 x 30 but a touch deeper (3.5 to 5.5 ft). [attachment=2:37z0vp73]pool_overcast (640x480).jpg[/attachment:37z0vp73] [attachment=1:37z0vp73]pool_sun...
  16. Taz

    Pool Finish

    Re: POOL FINISH I have the Marbletite marquis finish in Bluestone. The finish itself is not rough. The bluestone color (essentially blue and black colored quartz) adds a nice light blue water color - a bit bluer than aqua. The distribution of the additive to the mix is important. We have a...
  17. Taz

    Keeping ducks out of the pool

    How about using: - a solar cover to keep them out of the water? - sounds of a barking dog - firecrackers And when you get really tired of the ducks - making foie gra!
  18. Taz

    Hi from Central Florida

    CaraR - Here's another opinion/comment wrt SWG pools from a NE FL newer pool owner. The salt taste is very minor (although to some it is more noticeable as jcp39 pointed out) and nothing like swimming in the ocean. The water actually feels less "harsh" than non-SWG pools. My builder...
  19. Taz

    Is this rust?

    Jude - Looks like you've made nice progress on the pool! It is pretty amazing what a few gallons of chlorine and filtering will do.
  20. Taz

    Central Florida here...Just signed our contract, so excited!

    Re: Central Florida here...Just signed our contract, so exci I discovered - after the fact - that the control wires from the irrigation timer/control box in the garage (front yard) and several irrigation lines ran right in front of across the concrete patio where the digging began. Since the...
  21. Taz

    Getting Finished - (Pool Build Central FL)

    Re: "Deck Texture Applied!!!! - Pool Build Central Florida Another vote for bronze. It will hide the mildew. Also, the white enclosures seem to be more noticeable (actually the only one in our neighborhood really sticks out).
  22. Taz

    Central Florida here...Just signed our contract, so excited!

    Re: Central Florida here...Just signed our contract, so exci Congrats! Our quote didn't include the women in bikinis. We took the plunge last year. Don't get discouraged - the build will take longer than you expect. Good call on the enclosure. It really increases the amount of time we...
  23. Taz

    What's your current pool temp?

    Water - 80F; air 94F with smoke from GA swamp fires adding to the mix.
  24. Taz

    Death and Taxes

    In NE FL, the permits have an approximate cost & can be checked online by anyone. The county appraiser came out this spring to measure/evaluate the pool & enclosure - double checking to make I didn't add an HGTV style backyard paradise!
  25. Taz

    No - It wasn't White Mold

    As fate would have it, the autopilot digital decided to duplicate errors from Feb (which magically went away) and will not start the pump on any settings. It's been nice having the extra chlorine while the system is getting fixed. The replacement board (wasn't the pump, wasn't the tri-sensor...
  26. Taz

    No - It wasn't White Mold

    I'll pass on your mold experience.
  27. Taz

    No - It wasn't White Mold

    Sometimes one should think before committing to an all-out assault on one's pool! Based on seeing white floating stuff that was not being filtered from the surface, a cc reading of 1 (first ever), and reading several threads, I thought I was in the initial stages of white mold. So, I began the...
  28. Taz

    What happens if CH is very high?

    Brentr: Mine when up a great deal (400 to 500) this winter also even though I maintained the TA & PH fairly well. Must be a NE FL thing. Regretfully, the rains have missed us so far. Perhaps we can water our lawns with a partial pool drain to even out the cost! Cheers - Taz
  29. Taz

    New Construction in Florida

    A much faster process than our shotcrete pool - although I'd have been a touch anxious as the pool was hoisted over the house. A few palm trees and you will have a great backyard retreat! -Taz
  30. Taz

    AutoPilot Digital check flow flow

    Just walked outside. The same error lights on the DIG. Uggh.