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  1. Mcfalcons15

    Pool Leak

    Hello. My pool is leaking and I have no clue where it could be coming from. I'll try to detail the best I can below. My pool ws finished last October. I left the pool open for about a month to care for the new plaster, then scheduled to have the pool closed by a professional. When I opened the...
  2. Mcfalcons15

    Pool about to be finished... do I close now?

    The builder is just finished with my pool (maybe in another week or two). Unfortunately, the summer is over. Is it okay to close the pool right away? Any tips since the pool will have not been used at all (except maybe for an inaugural cold jump in)?
  3. Mcfalcons15

    Pool Builder Breach of Contract

    Hello, I am new to the forum and looking for help. I signed a contract to have a pool built by a contractor on 1/20/18. There was an initial delay (in the contract) pending HOA approval which was received in April. The excavation was done on April 23rd, with additional trenches dug on April...