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  1. Areobee

    No more bubbles out of the spa jets

    So I had the same problem.. my pool is new (about 10 months old) half of my spa jets just stopped spitting out bubbles. Had plenty of flow from pump just no bubbles from 3 of the 6 jets. I called out pool contractor since I still have warranty left. He knew exactly what it was and solved it very...
  2. Areobee

    Free Chlorine Creeping Up

    So over the past 3-4 weeks I have noticed that my free chlorine has been creeping up. It WAS about 6 with a CYA of about 50. My water is crystal clear (Thanks to this site). I have been running solo for about 7 months now (Fired pool guy). Anyway, the chlorine has been increasing about 1ppm a...
  3. Areobee

    TFP Maintenance methods

    oh yeah.. one more thing... I read on here to put the CYA in a sock and let it dangle in front of a return.... In the 4 month I had a pool guy.. I never saw him do that... what are the acceptable ways to add CYA? Rob
  4. Areobee

    TFP Maintenance methods

    So we just had a boat load of rain 6/12 .... streets flooded etc... pool flooded over... drained some of the water down a bit (about 4 inches) .... pumps ran for a day... just tested.... FC is at 2.4 and CYA is about 50... FC was at about an 8 … 3 days ago... Salt is good sitting at about...
  5. Areobee

    TFP Maintenance methods

    Moved from here. Hello All! Thrilled to have found this site. So, we live in south Florida and we have a pool cage around our pool. Our pool finished this past January. We have had a pool guy since then. We never had any problems but it kills me to pay him every month for 15 minutes of work. I...