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    Adding slide

    We have a 16.5' x 32.5' ft pool with one main drain, one skimmer, two returns and a "pop up" fountain in the shallow end. We're hoping to add a slide within the next year. This summer we're doing work on our patio area and will have the ground dug up some, so I plan on running a line out to...
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    Extreme 7300 Calcium Chloride

    I need to bring my calcium level up some and wasn't smart enough to stock up on calcium chloride over the winter. :( The best price I can find online is North American Salt 50820 "Extreme 7300" Calcium Chloride Ice Melter 20 Lb at Amazon. With shipping, it will be about $30. The "Technical...
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    Hayward pump shaft seals

    I don't know if I'm the only one consistently having this problem or not. This is the second year (and third pump) that I'm having shaft seal problems with. Fall of 2008, I bought a Hayward Max-Flow 1HP pump for our pool to replace an old Marlow pump that was past the end of it's life. I...
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    CYA eating monsters

    I just got all the pool equipment hooked up and added the 5000 gallons of water I needed to bring the pool back up to the middle of the skimmer and the best news ever is (so far, knock on wood) NO EQUIPMENT ISSUES THIS YEAR!! :party: :whoot: That's where the good news ends though. My water...
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    Pump leak - undersized?

    I have a one year old Hayward Max Flo SP2807X10 1HP pump. It attaches to a multivalve connected to a Hayward S240 300 lb 60 GPM sand filter. Finally there is also a Pentair Mastertemp 250000 BTU heater. There are two 1 1/2 inch drains from the pool to the pump, one in the deep end the other...
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    Opening issues

    First, a big thanks to those running this site and answering questions. I've read a lot and am converting to BBB this season. Lots of Pool School this past winter!! I have my TF 100 test kit, but I'm having issues with my opening. The whole system is about 15 years old. The heater was...
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    Testing image

    Having problems with leaking pipe.