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    Back wash frequency

    Yes needle drops when shut off. Yes pressure gauge on pump. Used about 2 hours a day max. Just my wife or my self playing with our daughter in it. One of us watches our son inside.
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    Back wash frequency

    I have been running my pump for about 8 to 10 hours daily for a week. Pressure has not change. Stay 5 psi. Is it neccasary to back wash? Should i wait for pressure change? Or just routinely every week. Back wash Rinse Filter Pump is 10 inch intex krystal clear pump. 1050gph Roughly 1200 gallon...
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    Sand bottom of pool

    Have intex krystal clear pump 10". Ran pump for about 10 hours total. 8 hours today and 2 hours yesterday. Notice small amount of sand floor of pool around the return. 5 psi pump pressure since new yesterday. Water is clear. Chemical test all normal. Running pool 3 days. First two days stock...
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    Intex krystal clear sand filter pump 10"

    Thank you all for your replys. Yes 3/4 full based off fill line provided.
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    Intex krystal clear sand filter pump 10"

    I ordered a intex krystal clear sand filter pump 10" for our 10'x30" intext metal frame pool. I got it running today. Im concerned most of amazon reviews say used 75lbs of sand. I bought filter sand today at pool store two 50lb bags at $13 each. Couldn't find size of sand on bag. But only used...
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    1.5 inch T-joint connector??

    Following. I will be in the same boat when all my pool stuff comes in.