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    Speedstir Magnetic stirrer

    Cant live without it :)
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    What is "normal"?

    Empty the skimmer every few days. Brush once a week. Vacuum once/twice a week. Clean the filter every month or two. (when flow slows) Check FC and PH almost daily, other chems every few months. (PH very stable almost no MA used. Hear daddy can we go swimming daily, go swimming almost daily...
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    How long does it take Borax to dissolve

    No cloud to mine, added and brushed around until dissolved.
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    FC 6-11, Which one?

    What is your CYA level? I would hold 2-3 ppm above the minimum target level.
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    Unsafe for swimming/ FC 31

    It is safe to swim in up to shock value.
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    Do It Now?

    I run my CYA at 50 and due to rain I've had to drain 3" of water so far this week, more rain forecast-ed for the coming week. I don't plan to retest CYA or add any till the rain stops. I normally run a FC of 9 ppm and it has gone up this week I guess from none use and no sun. If manually dosed I...
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    Helping neighbor

    Welcome to the forum :wave: First you need to get the Ph up to at least 7.2. then stabilizer to about 30. Then shock per POOL SCHOOL.
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    Swimming Pool + Geek =

    By removing a few dividers and rearranging you can get it all to fit in the big box and loose the basic box.
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    Smelly suits, too high chlorine?

    My FC runs 9 to 9.5 on any given day. CYA at 50. Borates at 50. We have no smell or bleaching of suits. My 9 year old merfish swims just about every day. I could drop the FC but that would mean running the SWCG less and I only run it 3 hours a day now. So I'm happy with it like it is.
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    New AGP Setup, but Water Appears to be Unbalanced After Test

    Re: New AGP Setup, but Water Appears to be Unbalanced After You need to bring the FC up with bleach first then the SWCG will be able to keep it up if working properly. Have you read: Can you post a complete set of test results...
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    Forbidden from Pool Calculator

    Save a copy of it locally that way you always have it :) I opened page, clicked on view source, Ctrl + A (to copy) then pasted it in notepad and save as Pool Calculator.html Then you can click on it and Open with (I use Fire Fox)
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    SWG Installed - When to test for FC?

    Mine is tested each evening after the sun goes down.
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    Rain Water

    There are a few users that do just that, but I cant recall the threads :oops:
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    First Solo Test Results

    You really cant go wrong with the TFtestkit. See my signature below :)
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    Confused on CC/FC

    Continue shocking with bleach, even super chlorinate wont shock your pool. You can turn it one to help keep FC up but remember to turn it off when you do the OCLT. Edit: Dave got you.
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    Start-up chemistry adjustment order with SWG

    Mine has bubbles when its generating, I can even hear them exiting the return when I'm close to it.
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    Confused on CC/FC

    You cant trust those strips. Wait for the pool store results as they may be more accurate. When your test kit arrives then test it yourself.
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    Chlorine Test - False High Results?

    Hi and welcome to the forum ewibolo! :wave: What is needed to better help you is a complete set of test results and the number of gallons your pool holds. The folks on this site can better help you then. Have you read Pool School?
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    0 cya=0 free chlorine.

    You can use --Dichlor - chemical name is dichloro-s-triazinetrione or a liquid stabilizer. Or the powder The liquid is not cheap.
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    Do I need a salt test kit?

    Get the salt test kit, its not that expensive and it comes in handy.
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    Big Storm Last Night

    See the news, y'all got some serious rain. We had ours this morning, but it weakened before getting here so only 1.5 inches.
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    Another Newbie! First Pool and First Full Test

    LOL isn't that the truth! I hope we don't hit another dry spell like the past year.
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    Another Newbie! First Pool and First Full Test

    RAILhead, you are welcome to the 3.5 inches we've had here in the last week :) Just glad i decided to wait before bringing my salt, borates and CYA up to specs.
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    What's the best test kit?

    TF-100 and a Speedstir :)
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    Off line or downloadable pool calculator

    The way I did it was to click on the View Source of the web page. Then in a free program I found on the web called Programmers Note Pad I pasted it in and then saved as .html works for me. I don't know but might work with notepad and save as .html
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    Testing after a storm

    Thanks Richard. I have the pump running now after adding the MA. I don't do a daily test of the other reading but as it has started to rain again here I'll run a complete test tomorrow and report back. My last complete test on 1/16/2012 was: Ph 7.5 FC 6.5 TA 60 CH 120 CYA 30 Bor 50 Temp 54
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    Testing after a storm

    Ok, thanks again.
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    Testing after a storm

    duraleigh I retested and same results, I had started the pump as mentioned by Flippy so I just added the MA. I'm confused as I use a pool log that I got from Bama. I record my reading daily as I'm still learning. What could have made it go that high?
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    Testing after a storm

    We just had storms move through here this morning, we had 2.75 inches in the rain gauge. I tested the PH and FC. Ph 8.2 very purple FC 6.5 Yesterday it was Ph 7.5 FC 6 I guess its the rain that raised the PH, will this come down on its own or do I need to add some MA? Thanks