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    For Sale - Dolphin S200. Used works great. New Motor

    I also own this robot and can not imagine my pool season with out it. Such a good price. Good luck.
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    Outdoor kitchen build

    @schuetteknight this is soo awesome! Nice job. Looking to do this also. Thanks for making it look easy.
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    Thanks TFP!

    Wow that’s amazing before and after. Five stars!
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    Thanks TFP!

    Nice! For the given space of your backyard, you have the best setup. Love how that pool fits perfectly in there.
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    Swamp Fever

    Congratulations on the new addition to the family. Hope everyone is good. I live in Howell which is not too far from you. If you need liquid chlorine 12.5% give County Line hardware a call. I was able to buy some from them last week when they received their pallet.
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    Help users find Liquid Chlorine

    Hi not sure if anyone is having trouble locating or getting any chlorine. I have found out that my local place I get 12.5% just got a delivery today. I just bought 4 to hold me for a bit. If anyone is in need and is from central Jersey area check out County Line Hardware in Jackson. Looks like...
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    Eastern PA region - when do you open?

    Do it!!! :) was in my pool all day today. I like it around 90. When I was scrubbing the pool cover on my driveway last week, everyone walking by was like whoa that’s early lol. I’m so ahead this year I even cut the grass. Love it!
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    Extreme learning curve Please HELP!!!!

    Looking good, keep up the hard work. It will pay off soon.
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    Anyone opening early?

    I opened on Monday 3/9 in NJ. Water temp was 48 today is 86. Probably first swim this weekend.
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    Eastern PA region - when do you open?

    I like to keep the water temp around 80-90 from March up until October. I also have equal payment plan it’s about 150-200 per month all year long. This year I’ll look into a bubble wrap cover to help retain some heat over night hours.
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    Eastern PA region - when do you open?

    I’m from Howell, NJ area and I open last week of March. Last year I opened on March 24th and was swimming on the 26th. This will be my second season. Looking forward to it.
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    New Years Polar Bear Plunge!!!

    Sorry for the delay but we did the plunge as promised on January 1st. Water temp was 42 and outside temp was 43. Pool water seemed warmer this year than last year. I’ll load video link soon.
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    New Years Polar Bear Plunge!!!

    Anyone do this in their pools? I did last year and it was crazy! As long as there’s no snow on cover we will do it again. I’ll post a video on January 1st. :paddle:
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    anyone use there cyclone or might vac to blow out sprinkers?

    Used my Cyclone yesterday to blow out my 6 zone sprinkler system. Had to cut the 1” pvc pipe right after the pressure release valve to add a 1” tee with a cap. I think it did well. Most of my zones have at least 6-8 heads. Blew out all water on each individual zones for 3 mins each then all...