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    Aquarite Not generating - lights not on

    It does require a soldering gun. It took my husband about 5 min. to do it. I'm sorry I'm not more helpful. I found the problem and the part...he fixed it! I think there is another thread that gives better instruction. Good luck!
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    Kool Deck Refinish Challenge

    My pool deck is called "Spray Deck". It is similar to Kool Deck. It is 6 years old and chipping badly,in addition to cracks. I was told to buy Concrete Stain...not paint. Before we begin I would like some advice from anyone who has experience with this please. thanks!
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    Aquarite Not generating - lights not on

    West, you are my hero! Just checked for the "black thing" and sure is cracked and it looks like burn marks around it! I am ordering replacement part from Digi-Key Corp., the part# is 570-1062-ND, for 2.42 each. I am ordering two! Thank you!! Peggy
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    Aquarite Not generating - lights not on

    Did you replace the board yourself or have it done "professionally"? I need to make a decision asap as to whether we can diy or not. Thanks!!
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    Aquarite Not generating - lights not on

    So, West, what did you end up finding? Did you replace the main board again? I am having the same problem. Thanks!
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    Has anyone DIY replaced main board in Aqua Rite SWG

    Seems we need to replace the main board in our Aqua Rite Electronic Salt Generator after 5 years. Just out of warranty of course! Has anyone done this themselves? I can find it online for $189. Been quoted between $400 - $700 for pool service to do. I know it won't be covered under...
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    Raleigh NC PB

    HI, Please see correction...Rising Sun Pools not Horizon. I used Aquatic Creations in Cary. John Hartley is the owner and treated us extremely well, not to mention we have a beautiful pool! I couldn't even get Rising Sun Pools to come back and give me a quote when they knew we were ready to...