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    Opinions on best way to install SWG

    Yeah, it's recommended at least 6 to 12 inches of straight pipe and the cell can be counted as part of straight pipe so I would have to put the flowswitch right after the cell.
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    Opinions on best way to install SWG

    Yeah with the angle, I wont be able to bring it straight out. I think I may be able to remove the 45 to bring it straight out with I hope 2 90's to bring it straight down. Although I'm not sure how the cell would fit right next to the inflow piping so I will have to do what you said with the 3...
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    Opinions on best way to install SWG

    Hello TFP! I just recently bought the Circupool RJ 60+ and I am fairly green with working in PVC piping and wanted to get some opinions form you all. Here's a picture of my current plumbing with 1 1/2 inch piping. with the cell being about a foot and a 1/4 inch long, I wont' be able to attach...
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    Calcium chloride product safety

    Has anyone had any experience with using the snow joe ice melt safely in their pools? Snow Joe MELT Calcium Chloride Crystals Ice Melter (50 lb. Resealable Bag) – MELT50CC
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    Air relief assembly not locking into place

    Hello TFP, I have a Hayward Progrid DE Filter to which I just tried to upgrade the manual air relief assembly for the filter. However, the air relief assembly is not locking into place. Has anyone ever had this problem or can give me any idea of what to do next? Thanks!