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    Replaced Pool Pump Capacitor Now Smoking

    We replaced our 2 terminal pool pump capacitor and now it is smoking.
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    Help with Polaris 380

    Thanks. I will check WMS.
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    Help with Polaris 380

    We have a Polaris 380 and it has been rebuilt several times. Last weekend we replaced the wheel bearings, belts and wheels. We also "rotated" the tire on each wheel. Filter has also been backwashed. Polaris still having issues climbing walls. Tried positioning jet at 11 and at 1 and neither...
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    Pump Clogging Polaris Screen With Debris

    Oh, ok, that makes sense.
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    Pump Clogging Polaris Screen With Debris

    Booster pump is after return line.
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    Intermatic PF1102T Timer

    Yes, the timer. It works if I manually turn it on. I was pretty satisfied with these timers until I had to replace them last year and they didn't work 6 months before needing replacement. Thought maybe I just received a "bad" one and then replaced both of them again and then they stopped...
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    Intermatic PF1102T Timer

    This timer model was installed for our pump and booster pump when we built it in 1998. In 2013 we replaced one of the timers and the in 2017 we replaced both timers at different times. Now one of the timers has gone out again. Is there a different model that others prefer with freeze...
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    Pump Clogging Polaris Screen With Debris

    Any suggestions on how I can keep the debris from clogging screen to Polaris hose. I've fully cleaned (removed filters) DE Filter system several times, but it appears grass is still coming through to Polaris hose. I've even ran pump and booster pump without Polaris attached to see if that...
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    Intermatic P1102T Timer

    Old timer and new are the same. Yes, will have electrician have the vendor rather than me. Thanks
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    Intermatic P1102T Timer

    Just replaced my timer with a new one. New one runs continuously. Unable to shut off with pins or manual knob. Any suggestions? Vendor is currently closed and will be calling when they are open tomorrow
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    Polaris 380

    We have a Polaris 380 for our in ground gunite pool. The wall connector never seems to be able to disconnect without unscrewing the entire thing from the wall. We've replaced it and replaced the o-ring as well as lubricating the o-ring. Nothing seems to work. Do you thing the replacement one...
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    Polaris 380 tail sweeping unit but unit not moving

    I have a Polaris 380, the tail is sweeping great, but the unit leans forward on occasion and then the unit stops moving while tail still sweeps. New backup valve, float, wheel bearings and bands in May. Inground 16,000 gallon chlorine
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    We have a Intermatic PF 1102T timer/freeze protector for our DE pump and one for our booster pump. The one on our DE pump has decided to work when it wants. I presently do no have it set to come on and the temperature for it to come on to protect from freeze damage is 33, but it is running...
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    So you want to add borates to your pool--Why and How

    Just starting the BBB method. Our water results from the Pool Supply are below. Still trying to get the chlorine level up. Can we add borax if we are still clearing up the algae? We have a 16,000 gal rectangular in ground plaster pool with an inline chlorinator which we are going to reduce...
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    Cyanuric Acid 200ppm - Drain Pool

    Algae was what we thought our original issue was until the CYA came back high. Don't have recommended tester as I just found your sight today. We also live out of the city on two acres and have a "neighbor" building a house on the adjoining property, so lots of dust. We switched from DE to...