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    Let me see your low voltage setup!

    I'm looking to go 100% solar (for lighting), this year. Lots of solar is available on Amazon.
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    Air bubble in pump lid normal?

    The hose method works great. In my case my leak was a kinked gasket ring where the pump basket attaches to the pvc line.
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    my pool loses alot of water over the winter

    A hole in your cover will make it seem like you are losing water, if you are continually pumping it out.
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    Warning About Walmart Liquid Chlorine

    Careful about chlorine, it will rust metal badly. Even if sealed properly.
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    Warning About Walmart Liquid Chlorine

    Man I don't know how people deal with that aspect of the BBB method. I find it way more convenient to buy tubs of 12.5 % Chlorine (unstabilized) from a pool store. I find Borax is even harder to find at walmart.
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    Winter and the TF-100

    Results: fc 1.5 cc 0.0 TA 150 ch100 CYA 0.0
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    New York Times article on chlorine safety

    :p Another scam artist with a product to sell. NYTimes isn't worthy enough to line a bird cage.
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    Convince me a robot is better...

    Wait... a navigator isn't a robot?
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    Major leak need help possible return

    Leak is almost certain at one of those return lines. You can buy some leak detecting ink and injector on Amazon or a pool store, and put some yourself near that return. If the leak is deep within the return you may be doing some digging.
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    Winter and the TF-100

    Thanks! I will go for the refill and the stirrer as I make a darn mess trying to shake the bottles.
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    Winter and the TF-100

    Hello, I tested with the TF-100 and received what I thought were some pretty bizarre results (like TA being 440?). I had my kit outside in a shed for several harsh winters over the years. Is it possible that the kit was ruined by freezing temperatures? Anyway, I think I will just go ahead and...
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    Motor starting to I in trouble?

    Maybe it just doesn't know the words?
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    voltage reading 3.2 to 3.5 all around the pool

    There was a guy on this forum, I think he was an electrician/pool installer, who claimed that this was occasionally caused by a naturally occurring electrical field in the earth. Said he measured a case he couldn't figure out in the power outage in 2003, right in the affected area (here in the...
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    Laptop to use by the pool

    I would probably buy a Chromebook. My Thinkpads though are indestructible. Macs are ok.
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    Dead algae

    Personally, we had a pool robot, a Haywood Navigator. The thing vacuums all day and all night if you want it to.