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    Jandy LXi heater shuts down

    Thanks, you have a picture of how you have the ground wire installed. I checked mine and found no corrosion on the the connector.
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    Jandy JXI400n Heater Not Working

    I'm having exactly problem that you are describe on my LXi heater. The front header was cracked in the last Winter storm in Texas; I have the bypass installed on the heater while ordering a new part. Once the header replaced, the heater was turned on and working fine for about 1 hour and stop...
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    Jandy LXi heater shuts down

    Hi, I'm having the same problem with my heater. Have you able to get your heater fixed? what was the final problem and fix? Thanks
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    How to use the chlorine tank and pump?

    Thanks for the info. I was used to live in Spring, now moved to Pearland.
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    How to use the chlorine tank and pump?

    Moved from here. I bought a house with a pool and the previous owner has these pump installed but I don't think they used it anymore. Tested and verified the pump are still working; I tried to use it but haven't able to find a place to buy liquid chlorine in bulk; it's so inconvenience to buy...
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    Jandy Lxi 400 ignition fault.

    Mac, Have you able to got your problem fixed? I also having the same problem with my LXi 400 heater; it was working fine last season. Not sure it is related to the winter freeze last Feb. or not; my front & rear header of the heat exchanger were cracked. I have to re-pipe and have the heater...