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    Is the gears and impeller the same for the top feed 5 and 6-port units as well as the low profile 5- and 6-port units (side inlet)? I have a low-profile 6-port and was wanting to order a full set of gears/impeller and the retainer locks. The websites that sell them only mention them being for...
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    Variable Speed Pump / Freeze Protection Questions

    Looking to upgrade my pool pump and then spa pump eventually, but had got me thinking as I am almost past my first year and first time owning a pool: FREEZE PROTECTION: Both pumps have freeze protection and will turn on when ambient temperatures drop below 36F. Has anyone laid out a cross-over...
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    PoolPilot Dig 220- check flow rate/check clean cell

    Do you see the inline check valve ( in the SWCG manifold) move at all when you kick the pump on/off? Mine moves about a 1/4 of the window, now all pumps are going to flow differently, and that check valve will move...but would be a nice indication that you are at least actuating the check valve...
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    Waterway Check Valves Issue Pool/Spa Setup

    I have a silly question...I replaced the flapper part of the waterway check valve, and screwed it back onto the body, since I have an in-floor cleaning system that also goes to the SPA, could that also be draining the water back down through the A&A low profile valve selector when the pump is...
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    Autopilot Pool Pilot Digital - Salt Sense Incorret

    Talked with, they led me to the simulator plug to isolate the main unit from the tri-sensor. I will report back when I get the results.
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    Autopilot Pool Pilot Digital - Salt Sense Incorret

    I have a DIG-220 with PPC4 Cell. The errors that have been popping up on this unit have been very random, and all have led me to believe the wiring and/or tri-sensor is the culprit. The temperature is accurate based against an analog thermometer. MODEL: DIG-220 (Year: 2014) SOFTWARE: 4.40...
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    Jandy check valve on main pump discharge going to spa and to circ jets

    Good Point. ehhh, starting to see why pool/spa combos can be kind of a mess, especially when you are aerating the water.
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    Jandy check valve on main pump discharge going to spa and to circ jets

    I was thinking, you could balance your spa return to match your spa suction so that you are not allowing (excess water) overflow to the waterfall. That is my hope on my end, to be able to dial it in with the 3-way valve (balance flow). Of course I am not in any automation, just manually...
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    Jandy check valve on main pump discharge going to spa and to circ jets

    I am in a similar predicament. I tried to balance my spa suction/supply just to the point where it wont spillover the waterfall when it is running normally, filtering each day. I agree automating this process would be sweet, as I still want to filter out the spa portion but not always aerate...
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    Waterway Check Valves Issue Pool/Spa Setup

    The Spa has been draining when the main pump is turned off, and filling back up in the pool. When I first got into this home, a couple weeks ago, I noticed someone had rotated the suction check valve 180 degree to prevent any suction from the spa side, which I assume was because the flapper...
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