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    Where can I find a new power supply for Aquabot Fury

    did your message cut off?
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    Weatherproof box for robot power supply

    Just picked up the Nautilus CC and it has an option to setup so it cleans on a schedule. However the power supply says to not get it wet. Does anyone know of a weatherproof box I could put the power supply in so I can leave it outside and it could handle being rained on?
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    11 year old Intelliflo - worth fixing?

    It's still working but won't change speeds very easily. The warning light is always on and the digital display is barely readable. Are they worth fixing / repairing? Or should I just replace with new? Thanks
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    Where can I find a new power supply for Aquabot Fury

    Power supply got wet and is toasted. Most new supplies are $300 approx and since my unit is 10 years old I was hoping to find a used / refurbished one. Does anyone know a site I may find one? I've tried Ebay and have had no luck. thx
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    Power supply going bad, how to fix or replace

    I have a Aquabot pool cleaner and the power supply keeps turning off. I have to bang it around and turn it on its side to get it to run again. It's been going strong for 10 seasons. Is there a fix ? Or just replace ? If I need to replace, does anyone know where I can get just the power...
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    Replacement Filter for Pentair Quad DE 100

    Looking online but can't find anyone who makes the filters other than Pentair. Trying to save a few bucks since there are four filters. Does anyone know of another source ?
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    RGB LED light system to replace fiber

    I have a 50' long vinyl pool that currently has two fiberoptic lights on each end. There are two Fiberworks MR16 photon towers that power them. I want to change out the 4 lights with LED. Wondering what the brightest option out there are that will fit and what sort of control system i'll need...
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    Need to replace in ground rail/ladder anchors - what is the best type ?

    Mine are shot - completely broken apart. I have a concrete company coming to cut out the sections and replace. Been reading and I believe the composite types are the best option at this point ? Can someone confirm and also if you have a link or info on where to get them ? Thx
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    Autopilot DIG-220 problems - please help...

    My unit worked perfect for about 6 years. Last season I started getting errors flashing, water temp and salt reading all of the place and the unit wasn't producing chlorine. I I replaced the temp / salt sensor and that took care of that issue. I tried to clean the cell but still no...
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    Pool Pilot DIG-220 bad sensor or something else ?

    I've gotten about 7 years out of the unit so far with no problems so I'm very happy with that. This year when I opened the pool I immediately started to have some issues with the temp not showing correctly and also the unit saying to check/clean cell. It would work on and off so I left it...
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    Raypak RP2100 - won't spark

    thanks for the info - I was worried that's what it was. The only thing that is weird is that supposedly right before I moved in the control board was replaced. It looks brand new as well. For $300 it's probably time to just have the darn thing removed.
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    Raypak RP2100 - won't spark

    Update - Replaced the pilot assembly as well as the electrode. Now i'm getting less SPK showing up and mainly flashing GVO and FFL. Any ideas ?
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    Raypak RP2100 - won't spark

    P-R405A-EN Here is what I know - when I tried it over the years I remember it always saying CFH Call for Heat. It also would attempt to spark. Twice years ago I had it looked at. One company told me I had too much gas pressure going to unit and the other told me I didn't have enough! I...