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    To close or not to close...

    it is our first winter with our pool (approximately 11500 gal, SWG, fiberglass partial inground, pics of the install and final here OB in NoVA (Dig Starts tomorrow 6/8)). I live in Falls Church, VA. My wife and I have discussed not closing the pool for the winter...not keeping it open for...
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    OB in NoVA (Dig Starts tomorrow 6/8)

    Well, NoVA had a beautiful day for the last day "of summer"...I am fortunate that we got this done before the season ended. More importantly, my guy ""Barrett" is fully recovered...he had an unfortunate accident a month ago.
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    OB in NoVA (Dig Starts tomorrow 6/8)

    I have a fiberglass pool, should I still see that constant increase in the PH?
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    OB in NoVA (Dig Starts tomorrow 6/8)

    Sorry for highjacking the thread, but I am having the same numbers below from this morning. Test results 25 Aug FC - 3.6 TA - 80 PH - 8.2 (tested first with test kit, maxed out @ 8.0, backed up with digital meter recently calibrated) Salt - 3555 Test results 18 Aug FC - 4.4 TA - 90...
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    OB in NoVA (Dig Starts tomorrow 6/8)

    Thanks @kimkats that is exactly what I had planned...I am chasing PH though...I can't get it to stabilize for any amount of time (keeps going high). I have posted the question in the water chemistry thread.
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    OB in NoVA (Dig Starts tomorrow 6/8)

    We have been done for three weekends...we have had house guests every one...this upcoming weekend is the only one that hasn't been booked yet. We haven't had any raging parties, but we have had neighbors over and lit it up a bit. The wife plans on having a neighborhood pool party this weekend...
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    14x28 rectangle pool-is it big enough?

    I have a Leisure Pool Elegance 26 (see attached spec sheet) but it is 14'6" x 26'3" (interior dimensions). The 14'6" is the bump out for the stairs and seating shelf, 11'6" is only 12'6" wide, we have found that plenty big enough for us. It is just for me and my wife (and occasional visitors...
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