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    2019 Bleach Prices

    I picked up 10% at Rural King 4 for $9.99. Not the best price but beats the pool stores $18 for 4 gallons of 12.5% for sure!
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    How to get Spouse to Clean and Maintain the Pool

    OMG YES!!! Could I figure out how the mower works? Sure - its a riding mower - it can't be that hard. Do I want to? Absolutely not!
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    How to get Spouse to Clean and Maintain the Pool

    I wanted the pool when we were house hunting so it because "my responsibility" to maintain it. Before we were even in escrow I was reading TFP pages. I bought the test kit, I established the cleaning routine/process, I deal with the purchasing of chemicals, etc. But very similar to...
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    Filter Replacement - Sand vs. Cartridge ?

    As some of you have asked - we did backwash maybe 1x a month - when we saw increased pressures of about 15% or so. It would settle back down to a normal range but would still blow larger items back thru the returns. I swear I vacuumed up the same small - oddly shapped - piece of mulch 20...
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    Filter Replacement - Sand vs. Cartridge ?

    The chemistry stuff isn't hard or time consuming. It's the cleaning part that I try to avoid - top skimming, brushing and vacuuming, etc. IMO - If there was a filter that could work harder so I didn't have to - it would be worth a moderate amount of extra hassle. I have opened the filter...
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    Filter Replacement - Sand vs. Cartridge ?

    Appreciated the feedback but I don't have a chemistry issue. When the pool is open (it's currently closed right now - which is why there are no current test results in my post) - I test pH and chlorine daily with a full panel test weekly using a Taylor K2006C test kit. We've had the pool for...
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    Filter Replacement - Sand vs. Cartridge ?

    This is the end goal. I haven't managed to sell the husband on a robot cleaner yet - as "the polaris works just fine" (his words... NOT mine). <sigh> I've half thought of just going out and buying a new one and asking forgiveness later.
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    Filter Replacement - Sand vs. Cartridge ?

    We have a sand filter (deets in signature). It's original to the pool (2002-ish). We fought with it the entire season last year (returns sending back the exact junk I was vacuuming up. All recommended solutions for fixing issue failed). I'm fairly certain we have a bad lateral or two. The...
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    Liquidator as Tank for a Stenner pump?

    Wild and crazy thought - someone tell me if it will work. We have a liquidator that isn't installed. I've fallen in love with the idea of a Stenner pump. If I cap the inlet/outlet, could I use the tank from the liquidator as my Stenner tank? I know it's an expensive tank - but...
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    A few things before installing the Liquidator

    So - small update: Hubby decided to build the Liquidator its own box. I was happy with the idea of just taping some reflective insulation to the thing, but he went the carpentry direction. Hoping to install something in the next week. We just opened a week ago and we're still trying to get...
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    A few things before installing the Liquidator

    We're about 3-4 weeks from opening and we're finally prepping the Liquidator for installation. I know my pool size is right on the cusp of bigger pools for the Liquidator, but we've done the chlorine testing for the last 18 months (ish) and the numbers should work out. Push comes to shove -...
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    Rainbow Chlorinator 320 - Installed wrong or too small for pool?

    So, I have this hunch and i'm hoping a pool expert can help. Let me start by saying, we pretty much follow BBB to the letter -- I only use our inline chlorinator at the beginning of the season to keep our pool in shock until it's clean and we're ready to officially open it/swim (and the...
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    Replacing Polaris 180 with ??

    Hoping for some quick advice: We've got a super OLD Polaris 180 that has finally gone to the pool cleaner farm. I'm looking to replace it but need it's replacement to be compatible with the booster and the water inlet that currently exist (there's no money for replacing the entire system...)...
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    Bleach Prices 2014

    I started reading TFP the minute we put an offer on a house with a pool. I didn't have a test kit the first two weeks we were in the house, so I was taking samples to the pool store nearby to have them tested. While waiting in line with a gigantic bag of Calcium (which I just finished THIS...
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    How do I chlorinate for vacation?

    We have an inline chlorinator -- so I usually add extra water the day before we leave and then I'll bump chlorine (with beach) to the high end of our TFP limit (around 6-7 FC) Then I put around 6-9 pucks in the chlorinator. I run the chlorinator on low while we're away. Usually 4-5 pucks will...