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    Aqua Connect ????!!!!

    No issues here other than the normal lag it has when sending a command. It’s gotta be something on your end, maybe try re-teaching it again. Salty
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    STYX concert tonight at 8 EST

    Styx was the first concert I ever attended in 1976 at the ripe old age of 11! Debut of Tommy Shaw on their Equinox Tour, I’ll never forget how great of a experience it was.
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    So confused.

    Do yourself a favor and order the Magnetic Speed Stirrer and a couple extra magnetic stirrer bars when ordering your kit. This makes testing easier and more accurate in my opinion. Salty
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    I'm about done with SWG

    I don’t think you can blame the SWG for not being able to use your pool due to cold water- buy a heater, problem solved. Saltwater readings are unreliable, that’s why it’s recommended to get the K1766 kit, just keep the cell happy and monitor with the K1766. How many times have you Acid washed...
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    Building and Trying to Decide on Furniture. Help Needed

    Yes it’s a tough decision buying something without actually seeing/touching it. We labored the same thing and ended up getting a bunch of TK Classics furniture from Wayfair and couldn’t be happier with our purchase. I think there’s some pics in my build thread. I’d also recommend looking at a...
  6. Uncle Salty order question

    If you’re getting the magnetic stirrer, do yourself a favor and get a couple extra of the magnetic bars so you can knock out all the tests without having to dig the little bar out of the tube you were testing. Salty
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    Water Lounger

    Glad you’re enjoying it, I’ll add one to my order I’m just about to make. Salty
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    Opinions Welcomed (Updated)NC PB Quote w/ Design Photos

    Looks good, I’d likely run the decking straight down from the pool and run it closer to that tree unless it’s a mature tree with roots that’ll tear up the concrete. Seems like you have some good options to choose from. Salty
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    Water Lounger

    Just curious how you’re liking the new float as I’m in the market for another one. I currently have the blue/white striped swimways that has the issues with the material tearing but I sewed it up after the first use and it’s still going strong but if this ones material is better I may get it...
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    The Great Mistake (photo heavy!)

    Hopefully your home warranty comes through to cover some of the costs. Have you contacted the sellers agent regarding the non disclosure agreement, there’s no way that pool was opened and operational every year, it looks like it hasn’t seen the light of day for a couple years at least. I’m glad...
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    Intelliph Emptied Entire Tank of Acid

    I had the same thing happen with my Hayward Sense & Dispense. I disabled it after and it’s been that way for 2 years, big waste of money. Funny thing is I only add Acid like maybe once a month if that. Salty
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    hayward aqua plus: check system light on

    It’s a separate system for PH and ORP monitoring and a total waste of money. I’m guessing that you don’t have it and have it enabled which is why the error. Should be able to disable it in the configuration menu I believe. Salty
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    Manually Vacuuming pool - first time

    Did he leave y’all a net? If so just use that to get the rocks out and if not go to amazon and get one as you’ll need it to get leafs and such out at some point. I manually vacuumed once and it’s a awful task, adjust your budget and get a robot. Oh and congrats on your new pool! Salty
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    Treasure Garden Vega L Light

    Thanks Kim, I ended up ordering one and it arrived today! Seems like a solid purchase and I’ll give it a go tonight. I’ll probably buy another for my other TG umbrella. Salty
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    Something You Wish You had Done was...

    One thing I regret not putting in is a diving board. Only thing that I wish I didn’t put in is the PH Sense and Dispense, total waste of money and a huge disappointment. Salty