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    Industry moving toward CYA at or below 50 ppm

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but as I've understood.. getting by with the lower FC with a SWG has to do with the consistency of generating chlorine, vs a 1 time per day with manual dosing. Manual dose=higher to make sure FC never gets below the bottom parameters. SWG= consistent, all through the day...
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    Turning SWG% up when salt PPM down

    What I more salt. My ppm requirements are different than yours, but I like to keep the salt cell happy. I run in the middle to higher numbers of the requirements. As I understand, it's easier on the cell, making the life of it longer. Hope that helps. I keep an extra bag or two in the...
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    Reconnecting 2nd return

    When I added a 2nd return to my above ground pool, I used a PVC "Y", not a tee, & installed a shutoff valve on each line going to the returns. A three way would accomplish the same thing also.
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    Getting ready to drain & refill...what do I need to know?

    Re: Getting ready to drain & refill...what do I need to know I believe you are correct on your ch=0 test. My softened water tests also at 0. That's what I'm using to top off with.
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    Return hose came off -- question about re-installing it

    Just my .02 over the last 17 years. Your hose that your using is ok. The fitting that it fits on it pretty smooth, or more like barbs where the hose fits? I'm betting it's smooth, & over the years they will become misshapen where the hose slips on. I've fought the cheapy hoses, and the...
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    Natural Swimming Pools (NSPs)

    Thanks for the post ChemGeek. Also would be nice to hear from linen on progress if you decide to keep up with it. A good friend of mine drives truck from either coast to coast at times. He said many years ago, he quit drinking the local water away from home, wherever he has been as it has given...
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    True Believer in the BBB method

    Great job & nice pic! Glad to see you made it your avatar!
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    I don't quite understand the "go to salt" advice either. I've been on salt with a SWCG for a year now. I fought the TA battle this year & won before adding borates. Of course I'm dealing with a measly 13,000 gallons, lol. I do have extremely high TA fill water here though also (350+). It may be...
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    Comment from someone who "runs a pool store" - thoughts?

    In a way..true. But I feel my TF100 is ultimately what I need to test my pool,..and less expensive.. and gives accurate results that I can believe, ...and keeps me from spending hundreds of dollars in your store on products that I do not need,, my TF100 is not REMOTELY close, but FAR EXCEEDS...
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    Comment from someone who "runs a pool store" - thoughts?

    Me too Leebo. Also almost unbelievable from someone who's supposed to be a professional. Makes me think of the analogy of what a wild animal does when it or it's territory is threatened.
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    Floating skimmer

    I believe the OP is asking about the "Pool Skim", a skimmer that hooks to your return, not a puck floater. I don't have one myself but I'm tempted to later this summer when my trees start dropping leaves. There are some on this site that have them & love them. I'll let them chime in, as like I...
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    Without a closer-up picture, its harder to tell, but the post caps & rails look similar to mine, "Swim n Play".
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    Please save me from the pool man!!

    Re: PLEASE SAVE ME FROM THE POOL MAN!! The others have you well taken care of, but one thing that caught my eye in the above sentence..You did add salt didn't you? I don't see salt in your tests & I have no idea what the "salt water starter stuff" is.
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    Prayers & kudos to TFP members & non

    Just wanted to say wishing well to all members & non whom went through the big storms & are suffering big power outages. Hope you can all keep or get your pools clean with all the carnage & power outages I've read about. Main thing to keep in mind, life is above all in these storms. Just...
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    Help! Pool at this

    For what it's worth on the TA issue, my softener does nothing for the TA, CH is 0, but the TA stays the same as the hard pre softened water.