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    solar or gas for heating. your thoughts if you would

    We have solar - love it. Amelia Island is on the Atlantic Ocean at approximately Interstate 10 to give you some perspective on latitude/climate. We have gas for the hot tub only; I wouldn't use gas for the pool for the reason metnioned above -its best for quickly raising temperature, not for...
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    New build in Highland Village HELP

    Highland Village? Nice. We used to live in the Mound. We have Pentair, automation, and saltwater. I wouldn't have it any other way. Our deck & coping is travertine. I know it is common to use Oklahoma Flagstone and other similar rocks in TX. once you start side cutting stones, some of them are...
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    Hello from Ted

    TED!!! :party:
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    Algae has won the me win the WAR!

    If your CYA is 100 (and it's probably not) then your FC is terribly low. You need to be MAINTAINING 13 in AZ at that CYA level. SLAM Level would be 39. Chlorine / CYA Chart How do you normally chlorinate? Pucks? IF so, your CYA is likely higher and the numbers above would get bumped up. If...
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    Pool Man says extreme heat in SoCal is causing green algae for many customers

    My favorite part of this story... POOL GUY: A lot of my customers are struggling with green algae. (((HINT))) Probably not the right pool guy!!! :joker: (((HINT)))
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    My pool water results from Leslie's

    Pool store testing is inconsistent and rarely produces reliable results, so we continue to recommend you have a professional test kit handy (TFT1000). You will save yourself countless hours and many dollars! Did you review the links provided in your last post? Those will give you a good starting...
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    Chlorine tab recommendations...I know, I know

    Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. You guys are saying ColorQ tests accurately against your TFT. Hmm..... wish listing?
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    4th of July Party!

    Happy Brexit 1776!
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    Still cloudy after 11 days

    The only way to do a SLAM is to do it until completed. Clearly dropping FC isn't working for you, so don't do that. :D
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    FC dropped overnight

    The SWG is best at maintaining chlorination, but not necessarily intended to tackle the heavy lifting. Use bleach to achieve FC target quickly and SWG to maintain.
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    Keeping FC up during slam

    In this instance, you would continue adding multiple times per day. Being a bit over doesn't hurt, but don't be fooled that it will decrease your SLAM time. More is not necessarily better.
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    Best idea to cushion bottom?

    Depending on the amount of cushion you're thinking... Styrofoam, corrugated honeycomb pads, maybe even play sand.
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    I did everything wrong, HELP!

    Welcome to the forum! All of our best stories start with, "My pool is nothing but a headache." A few of the moderators will be by shortly to review some basics but I'll add my two cents: 1) The goal of the Trouble Free Pool method is to self-maintain your pool in a few easy steps and saving...
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    Need help picking a robotic cleaner

    Huge believer in the Maytronics Dolphin robot cleaners. 90degree angles are a bit tough on any cleaner - mine are more rolling angles than right angles. Climbs walls to waterline and brushes well. Saves 90% of the labor.
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    Water overflow problem?!

    A gravity overflow drain shouldn't have forward flow, unless the "output" end is far under water. If this happening regularly then the drain pipe is either blocked (most likely where it terminates) or it is not installed properly. Running a gravity drain pipe isn't rocket science, so it's likely...