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    Another bonding question - regarding finished grade

    Our pool varies at 6-10” below grade. We are planning to put down landscaping fabric then backfill 24” from pool wall with river stone and set w pavers. Does the bonding wire need to be surrounded by earth? Do I need to backfill with soil before I put the river rock on top?
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    Help with steps decision

    We bought both sections. The curve on the right interferes pretty badly with flow in the pool We got rid of the curve this year and still have the main step part, which has flow-through supports. They do float and I haven’t Yet found a way to consistently hold them in the water, but that seems...
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    Draining AGP

    A quick search found this, which is what the intex pools use. The bit that looks like a cage pushes into the pool to move the stop. We used the gravity drain and a pump w garden hose to drain our 20x48”and it still took almost 2 days. Intex Garden Hose Drain Plug Connector 10184
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    Pool is always cloudy after vacuuming!

    If it was green it’s still alive. You will need to shock/SLAM. Then it will take a few days for the filter to clear the water and you will probably need to vacuum again. Scrub all your surfaces with a brush to make sure you kill it all.
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    Quick moving storm wrecked AGP mid build, now what?

    So sorry for what happened. We put ours up this last week and I was constantly afraid impending storms would do the same. We lucked out. I agree with the other posters. May as well give it a shot. Good luck!
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    Upgrading to an Intex Salt Water System This is the SWG you’ll need, if you can find it in stock anywhere. Intex offers a 7000 gallon one or 15000. You’ll want to be sure...
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    Leak in pool

    I would imagine the overall condition of the wall and the rest of the steel would determine whether it’s worth it to put in a new liner. Is the rust structural or surface at this point? Replacement liner is around $300 and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t very difficult to install.
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    Equipment pad for AGP

    Mike, that condenser pad is pretty cool! I was very close to driving over to Grainger for a lightweight cement pad. In the end I went with tamped 1 1/2” bull/river rock with pavers on top. That way the only expense was the rock, which we’re putting on the perimeter anyway. Ordered 2 yards and...
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    Equipment pad for AGP

    Did you find them locally or order online? Short timeframe kind of limits me
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    Equipment pad for AGP

    After having intex pools for 5 years and managing them with ease thanks to this site, our last one rusted through and we are done with them. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a 21’ x 54” Saltwater 8000 from The Pool Factory and after a full week of backbreaking ground prep, we are proud to...
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