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    Automation of INTEX SWG

    Hi, I've been away as I have not much time lately, let me check some stuff in the repo and I'll come back to you ASAP. Boot loop could be a core panic. Core 1 is entirely dedicated to bus communication, so Watch dog must be disabled. All necessary configuracions should be in the repo, but I'll...
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    Automation of INTEX SWG

    Sorry, I forgot to change visibility from private to public repository. You can try again. Regards,
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    Automation of INTEX SWG

    Hi all, As I have no much time, I'm gonna share what I have (is working now in my SWG). Remember that is a Work In Progress code, so any contribution or idea will be very much appreciated. For this project, original cable between display board and main board will now be from display board to...
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    Automation of INTEX SWG

    I've been testing it for more than a month and solving some bugs and now seems to work fine, still not a final release but definitely usable. I'll share everything as soon as possible, as I've just came back from vacation and have to look for the time to prepare everything.a
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    Automation of INTEX SWG

    Bonus pictures of the project adapted and working for the Intex Krystal Clear pump. I could order the PCBs, but as I only need this one for myself and this way works, then is OK for me. The blue supports of the relay and main boards are made by me using with my 3D printer and we're designed...
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    Automation of INTEX SWG

    That's a really interesting job, but my aim was to make something that can be completely reverted in case of having warranty issues, and also to keep the default machine behaviour if you are not operating it via any integration with any automation center. I've extended the functionality to make...
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    Automation of INTEX SWG

    New updates... I also have an Intex Sand Pump and used the project for that too, even taking into account that is not needed as the pump starts automatically if the power is lost. Features working: - ON/OFF/STANDBY control via API. A relay is used to completely turn off the machine. - Display...
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    Automation of INTEX SWG

    More progress... Very close to be ready!
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    Automation of INTEX SWG

    Here is a short video on how I sent data to the control board: