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    burnt connectors on my Autopilot

    Today I had low amps reading and started checking all the cord connections and realized the black and red connectors were completely melted and separated from the cell cable. Obviously I need a new cord, however I am wondering what caused this before I install a new cable. Is there something...
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    Want to pump and filter

    We are looking to replace a 11 year old pump and filter system for a 15,000 in-ground pool. Currently have a 1 hp single speed centurion pump, an eclipse sand filter, and Hayward vacuum and Autopilot SWG. I have no idea what we should replace the pump and filter with...We live in Phoenix so the...
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    autopilot reading 0 volts 0 amps

    the actual temp of the water is 70 F (checked with a thermometer). The unit is now reading 54F. When I now run the autopilot test the temperature goes to 114 F and states its low on salt and now I have 24 volts 4.5 amps. I am wondering if the chemistry is just out of wack and I need for the pool...
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    autopilot reading 0 volts 0 amps

    We just drained and refilled our pool. (needed to do some repairs) Added the salt last night and when we turned on the pool pump and auto pilot I got a temperature sensor warning. I turned my autopilot unit off but left the pump running. Then this morning I turned on the auto pilot and it read...
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    Should I updgrade to a SC-48

    Overall the pool shops I called all agreed, they don't recommend the SC-36 for our area. Since most people run their pools year round and its much better to buy the SC-48 for a 15,000 gallon pool. It also turns out to be only $100 more than a SC-36. Thanks for the input.
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    Should I updgrade to a SC-48

    My SC-36 cell died after 3.5 years. I have a 15,000 inground. I live in Phoenix so the cell is used year round, so I am trying to decide if I should upgrade to the SC-48. I am not sure if 3.5 years was the average life span of a SC-36. I know for the first year I didn't understand pool chemistry...
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    Owners manual for an ECLIPSE SM (american product by Pentair

    I have an Eclipse and need to replace the sand. I would like to see an owners manual but cant find one on the web. Any one have a pdf of the manual?