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    Starting procedures for new pool, new pool owner

    That’s the cya I use, put it in a sock by the return and squeeze it. Yeah just dump some chlorine bleach in there using pool math...good to go. Bring pH down with muriatic acid (HCl).
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    New pool owner

    This is my fifth year with our pool and tfp. Started before the pool was filled. Never have slammed and this year, honest to God, I have not gotten to 100 bucks on chemicals. I keep wanting my pH to go up so I can add some HCl...oh well I can etch my garage and paint the floor I guess.
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    Concerned I Have the Wrong Cell Size

    Call the pb and talk to him, maybe he’ll credit you the old one and you can upgrade. I have the same size pool and I think mine is rated for 25k and it runs 8 hours at 50% at this time of year. Zero shade on the pool.
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    Wedding cake steps- crud in bottom

    Take a cup of bleach and add nine more of water and scrub it off with a brush. You don’t want straight bleach on your skin. If your doing tfp and your water is fine why worry? Do it once a year...when you close or open. The inside of my ladder probably looks like that. Just an idea.
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    Wedding cake steps- crud in bottom

    If they were mine I would clean it with bleach water like 10% and throw them back in the pool and save the money for cigars, whiskey, and bbq, but that’s just me.
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    Best online pool store??

    Pool factory was good to us...would recommend.
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    Helping a friend get a new pool ready

    You can lead a horse to water something something...
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    Where's the bottom of my pool?

    Just get the test kit, do what they tell you, and read pool school...
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    Where's the bottom of my pool?

    You are lucky to stumble on this place. I did five years ago before I built our pool. Had the test kit and posted results of our well water before it was up. Was given plans here that I followed. Read, listened, and learned. I will not spend a hundred bucks on chemicals this year. I tested...
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    Salt Test Results

    The white color is silver chloride, it is much less soluble than the red silver chromate. It will not turn red until all the chloride is out of solution. This titration is extremely accurate. Trust it.
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    Thank you

    Your wallet is gonna thank you...And your girlfriend and her friends will have no choice but to admit how amazing the water in your pool is...
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    I am really liking my WaterGuru!

    TFP too much work???
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    Help with Hayward Chlorinator Install

    I have these little foam balls I stuff in the return and skimmer after I blow the lines for winter...perhaps you could find some to do the same. While you’re at it install some valves...
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    Pool facelift, foam bottom, new liner, paint, salt system, finally a lighting question.

    Beautiful work! Not sure if this is what you are talking about but we love this light, 5 years and going strong, also helps great with the circulation.
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    First time with a pool

    “ I can see now why as a kid our parents always said no to getting a pool- it’s too much work and too expensive” If you follow the advice you will get, this statement will be proven to be patently false. With a robot and an swg I do barely anything and will get no where near 200 bucks this...