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    Diagnostic Procedure for testing Pentair IntelliChlor PCBA 520723

    The 0 Salt reading is a known issue with these generators. I had that issue with my IC40 and Pentair shipped me a replacement unit at no charge (my unit was only a few months old) and I have not had that issue since replacement. I have not seen any threads on losing communication entirely...
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    Chlorine is at 0

    Add bleach to get to your target. Then turn the SWG back on to maintain. You might consider running an OCLT tonight to verify that you do not have algae.
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    Grey Granite Steps

    It is a new build.
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    Would you turn off your SWG to use a puck floater?

    Using a floater with pucks is fine. TFP teaches that you should know that effects of any chemical that you add to your pool water. As long as you know how much you are using and how it will effect your chemistry there is no reason to argue against your plan. Be aware that the pucks are acidic...
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    Grey Granite Steps

    My skimmers, drains and returns are all black.
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    Anybody have this liner, or one like it?

    We got the grey mosaic with a border. Here is a post with a picture from when we had just begun to fill the pool. It shows the liner fairly well.
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    pH testing

    I agree with you as well. However, PH doesn't need to be that exact. Is there that big of a difference between 7.4 and 7.8 as far as the pool is concerned. Seeing the color difference between 7.4 and 7.8 is actually not all that hard for me. I test PH a few times a week and once it is easy...
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    Problems getting/keeping pH down

    Why are you chasing a PH of 7.5? Any PH in the 7's is ok. Perhaps your pool likes 7.8? How much are you letting it rise before you add acid to lower it? Are you certain that when you add acid that you are hitting your target? You could work to lower your TA down some to see if that will...
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    Algea Question

    Well, as an example. If your CYA is 50 and your FC is 3. Algae can grow. Have you read the ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry and the FC/CYA Chart?
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    EasyTouch salt level 0 IC40 High salt light flashing

    Just wanted to update this in case anyone else is having a similar issue. The cell is still reporting 0 salt to the ET8. In order to file a claim with Pentair, I had to register all of my equipment which I got done yesterday. Within a few hours of the registration completion, I received a...
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    Total Alkalinity confusion and well chemistry in general

    @ajup2it don’t kick yourself for not knowing all this already. There’s a learning curve and we’ve all been right where you are. The good news is you’ve found the best place for learning and you’ve already got a solid test kit. You’ll be a pool pro in no time!
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    How can you tell how much chlorine is being generated?

    What is your CYA at? SWG are not intended to raise your FC level, they are intended to maintain your FC level. The chlorine it makes is being consumed almost as fast as it can make it. My advise would be to raise your FC to target range for your CYA using bleach and then work on adjusting...
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    Calcium hardness keeps dropping

    PH 8.5 is not possible with the Taylor kit. The color swatch stops at 8. For CH test, I would trust the result from the Taylor kit.
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    Total Alkalinity confusion and well chemistry in general

    I wish I could help you on the PH tester. I do not have one. One warning about PH testing, high FC (above 10) makes the drop test read incorrectly and I don't know if that is true for the handheld tester. Another thought I have on TA, if you let your FC drift down to the actual SLAM level for...