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    Returns with no eyeball fittings

    We finished our build recently. Towards the end of the build our builder handed me the eyeballs and said he didn't like to use them but would leave them with me if I wanted to install them. He explained his reasoning but I wasn't really listening at that point. Once he packed up and left, I...
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    TFP Clear

    Your post inspired me to try to get a perfect TFP shot. Here’s my pool tonight. Those floaters are actually on the water, not air. And the dolphin is making his way from the deep end to the shallow end. TFP works.
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    Brand new to pool care and feeling overwhelmed

    jman28, I don't have any advise outside of what is mentioned above other than to say keep up the good work and you will soon have a nice clear, clean and safe pool! Trust and follow the process.
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    Signing Contract soon! Central Nebraska Pool Build

    Thank you Kim. I left it running all day today and tested again about 30 minutes ago. It tested at 7.5. Meaning it actually raised 1 ppm throughout the day while in full sun! I think I can adjust from here. I’m going to start playing with pump run times and % output to keep it in the zone. I’m...
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    Brand new to pool care and feeling overwhelmed

    15 minutes after you dose up to 10 PPM. FC greater than 5PPM, no ammonia, add CYA via sock method, add muriatic acid to lower PH to 7.2, proceed with SLAM. FC less than 5PPM, possible ammonia, redose to 10 and test again after 15 minutes. Keep in that cycle until FC holds above 5.
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    Brand new to pool care and feeling overwhelmed

    I would simply raise the FC to 10, use PoolMath - Trouble Free Pool to calculate. Circulate for 15 minutes and test. The algae will consume some of it, so don't expect it to test at 10. You're looking for any value above 5. Ammonia will consume the chlorine very quickly if it is present. I...
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    Brand new to pool care and feeling overwhelmed

    Was your FC test done with the 25ML sample or the 10ML sample? If 10, your FC would be 1. If 25, your FC would be 0.4. Now that we got that out of the way, you need to SLAM. Start by knocking your PH down to 7.2, that should be an easy win. After that, I find it hard to believe there is 0...
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    Signing Contract soon! Central Nebraska Pool Build

    Concrete decking sealer was put on yesterday, so I was able to salt the pool. I aimed for 3000 ppm yesterday morning and tested last night at 3200 ppm (salt test strips, yuck). I plan to get the Taylor salt test when I have to order refills for my kit. I have never managed a pool with a salt...
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    Where to start...?

    I would stop adding ANYTHING to the water other than chlorine until your test kit arrives. Simply put, everything else is just shooting in the dark. Your only goal is to try to keep it from getting much worse between now and when you can properly test your water. I would add 5 PPM of chlorine...
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    Always amazed how much chlorine full sun sucks up

    Yes, target is what you should aim for, knowing that you will lose some to the sun and some to contaminants throughout the course of the day. If you can test at roughly the same time each day, you'll know exactly how much you lose each day and can adjust your target up or down within the target...
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    Signing Contract soon! Central Nebraska Pool Build

    Oh yes, they are earning their keep. Currently paying out $5/hr for shovel work, interestingly enough my youngest has put in the most hours!
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    New Pool - Stagnation?

    We are finishing up our build, see thread here: Signing Contract soon! Central Nebraska Pool Build We had 6 days from when we filled to when we were able to fire up the pump/filter. I approached it by adding 5PPM chlorine each day, brushing as best I could to get it all mixed up and then...
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    Signing Contract soon! Central Nebraska Pool Build

    I haven’t updated in a while, but we got the decking poured just in time for the weekend. That left me with a huge amount of overspill in the pool. I used the dolphin to get most of it, then played a game of rock diving with the kids. They pulled out most of the rocks that the dolphin missed. We...
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    Struggling with algae but decent numbers

    Your CYA climbs each year because of the use of tabs. Tabs add CYA to the water and it stays in the water. It is not normal to have to drain every 12-18 months because of high CYA, unless you are adding CYA as part of your chlorination routine. Stick to bleach or get a SWCG and you won't have...
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    Signing Contract soon! Central Nebraska Pool Build

    I didn’t even think about the kids handprints. If they want to, which they probably will, I’d like that. I remember doing that as a kid when my pop installed a basketball hoop.