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    Mini Heat Pumps

    I've been looking at adding a heat pump to my 18ft above ground pool. I found a hayward variable 40BTU heat pump for 1399$ CAD brand new and then I figure another 2-300$ for install. However then I noticed these:
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    My AGP Pool Installation story/experience - disaster and recovery included!

    So I had an old 18' AGP steel wall which I demolished a couple of years ago (I had converted to saltwater which eventually destroyed the pool) and this year due to CV19 and the blight that was left by the old pool we decide to take the plunge and replace the pool. I purchased a pool from a local...
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    Our first above ground pool

    I think it’s more reliable than testing strips anyways and they have more indicators but for sure a good reagent based testing kit is better but they use the same kits and do it for free
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    Our first above ground pool

    I test at pool stores at just don’t buy the products except a few limited things like shock, the testing is free around here with no strings attaxhes
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    Unlevel/ Settling Issue - Advice Welcomed

    I will post a full story tomorrow
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    Our first above ground pool

    Get the water tested at a pool store, if it’s cloudy it could be a lot of things
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    How do I get rid of the wrinkles when filling the AGP?

    I have seen recommendations to stick a pool vacuum down the side wall and suck until the base is filled
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    Stone Dust Under Pavers

    The professionals in my area just use stone dust no pavers (Montreal)
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    Unlevel/ Settling Issue - Advice Welcomed

    Also I rented vibrating plate compactor and leveled several times
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    Unlevel/ Settling Issue - Advice Welcomed

    Stone dust in a 15” ring just under the uprights
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    Unlevel/ Settling Issue - Advice Welcomed

    I used stone dust under my pool and a water level specifically to measure the ring of stone dust around where the uprights and I lowered down to the lowest point. I finished day 1 of my install today we checked level several times and it seems good so far. Will fill up tomorrow and see how it goes
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    Pavers in northern climates?

    Nobody takes down their steel wall abg pool walls here to relevel, they are considered permanent installations, I found videos of the pool companies here where they do the installations and the 2 major ones I found both made a border of stone dust to place the uprights on