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    What is this bug

    Good lord springtails are the bane of my existence from early Spring until early Summer. I had no idea about them until I built my pool. If someone actually does find something that kills them then I'd be 100% for it. I have done so much research about these things and the general consensus...
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    Waterfall recommendation

    I have 3 of them sort of like what you pictured there above. Mine are driven by a dedicated pump so that they can run pretty much whenever I want them to. They were called sheer descents whenever I built my pool a couple of years ago. I guess Pentair might call them "MagicFalls" now. I have...
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    Does anyone go an entire swimming season without SLAMing their pool?

    This is my 1st pool. Been following the TFP method since my pool was installed in 2018. Haven't had to SLAM it yet. I live in an environment where my pool is "maintained" year round though. I could see where winterizing and opening it up in the spring would pose challenges I don't have to...
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    Stabilizer,,Who needs it?

    I am not sure if this is a trolling post or not but there are a few things regarding this that I am aware of. 1. You are using test strips which this forum is not going to be proud of you for that as they are unreliable compared to a proper test kit with chemicals. 2. It is my understanding that...
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    Official 2020 Pool Critters Thread

    I have the occasional scorpion in my pool around here. They don't survive long in the water. They show up overnight but I haven't ever seen one alive once it hits the water so I didn't time it. Mine aren't this exact type shown in his pic either but it's still of the "Don't step on it" variety.
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    Pool ph

    I don't have any surefire ideas on this one but I had some pretty wild pH/Acid demands earlier this year I solved by lowering my high TA. I was putting in a gallon over a two week period which for me is a lot and then I realized my TA was too high (like 80). I have a salt pool so I put a ton...
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    Preventing Algae with an SWG during winter?

    I live down in SD county (North SD county) and I have a SWG. I typically just got buy a 4 gallon of bleach pack from the pool store and that lasts me all winter. With the low water temperatures we really don't get any growth in the pool. My SWG is only off for maybe 2-3 weeks total before the...
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    Quarantine Swamp turned Icey Blue Paradise

    Good job! I don't have any thoughts on keeping black algae away as I have never encountered it but I suspect you have to keep the FC numbers up. Were you able to solve your bleach sourcing problems? I'd hate for all that work to happen and then it come back because you can't find any bleach...
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    Robotic Cleaner for Long In-Ground Pool

    I'd think it's probably cord length. I am lucky in that I have an outlet about halfway down my pool up on the deck. So as long as the robot's cord enters the pool somewhere sort of close to the middle of the pool I would think it would be fine. that would allow it to go 30' in either...
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    Finding strange things in the pool

    So far this year I have found a couple of drowned rats, a couple of mice, a gopher, a few live frogs, and about 1,000+ various floating insects in mine. It's like a habit now to just walk out there in the morning and see what I have to dispose of that day!
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    2 month old pool using 3 bags of salt per week

    Solid, Yes, I never trust the SWG. 3200 is perfectly fine for the SWG. In fact, as long as the "Low Salt" light isn't on on the SWG then you should be fine. Mine starts lighting up at about 2700ppm-ish. Even when it lights up I only use the K-1766 test results to determine how much to add...
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    S200 swivel cord, not really

    How long have you had the S200? Might be worth seeing Maytronics can send you a new cord. I have the M500 with the swivel, I think all of their swivels are the same. I have no problem rolling/twisting/whatever the cord and the swivel moves just fine for me. No effort at all really to get the...
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    Giant Birds of Paradise - Poolside - issue?

    I don't have them installed right by the pool but I do have two big ones in a retaining wall on my front yard. I have never seen their roots becoming a problem or "invasive" is the term plant people use. I do trim them though about 1-2x a year to get the deadfall off of them. Here a mine but...
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    New Pool Cleaner

    I love my Dolphin M500. I went from a suction side Pentair Rebel to the M500 and never looked back. It is so nice to be able to clean the pool without the use of the pump or running the pump at a higher RPM. I live in SoCal and energy costs are high here. it takes about 300W to clean my pool...
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    Nest Protect (smoke alarm) out of warranty replacement

    I bought my house a couple of years ago and it came with a few of those. I did the same thing and immediately reset/connected them to my network. Love them. Have cooked lots of bacon in the house with lots of smoke and no piercing alarm sounds. I have no complaints about them and I still...