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    New Pool Cleaner

    I love my Dolphin M500. I went from a suction side Pentair Rebel to the M500 and never looked back. It is so nice to be able to clean the pool without the use of the pump or running the pump at a higher RPM. I live in SoCal and energy costs are high here. it takes about 300W to clean my pool...
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    Nest Protect (smoke alarm) out of warranty replacement

    I bought my house a couple of years ago and it came with a few of those. I did the same thing and immediately reset/connected them to my network. Love them. Have cooked lots of bacon in the house with lots of smoke and no piercing alarm sounds. I have no complaints about them and I still...
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    Dirty Robot/Vacuum Thread

    Tell me about it! Ran 3 cycles today before the mud stopped coming out of it. I still have a few long blades of grass in the pool that I'll get out tomorrow. Crazy stuff out here.
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    Dirty Robot/Vacuum Thread

    We have had some fairly high wind days here lately and my M500 is paying the price! I pulled it out this morning after the 1st pass and I got this. I thought I would start a thread to see how bad some of these poor things are abused! :oops: I didn't get a pic of the skimmer basket but it was...
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    Why doesn’t Pollywood make a plantation chair!!!

    I was just going to say that. Some people actually like the gray coloring that the teak does naturally over time. I personally would sand it and throw a few coats of Epifanes marine varnish on them. Taking a few days to do that right once will make those things last quite a while.
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    WaterGuru Sense Test v. TF-100

    This is good stuff. I may have to pick up one these next year if we see the value here on the forums. I also like to run my chlorine a little higher than the recommended values for those "Just in case" things that might creep up. There absolutely comes a point where it's just wasted chlorine...
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    IntelliChlor Flow and Temperature Sensor FAILED

    Thought I would provide my recent experience with this in this thread so it might help someone. My pool was just handed over to me in December 2018 so still under warranty. All of my Pentair equipment has 3yr warranty on the equipment since it was purchased with a filter/pump/swg at the same...
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    Pentair Screenlogic and Mac Catalina

    Gold, I agree. Unfortunately Pentair isn't a software company. I do think it's interesting that when I look at ScreenLogic Connect's settings on my Mac as I type this, it really uses a port of Wine. Wine is like a way to layer Windows apps on top of Linux (or a Mac in this case). My gut...
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    Pool got out of control!

    If it's as bad as you describe then I'd expect that 5ppm of FC to disappear pretty quickly. You should be prepared to do this at least once a day for the next few days or so depending on how bad it really is. Once you get the TF-100 refreshed and run some tests I am sure the people here can...
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    Pool got out of control!

    And plenty of chlorine. You need to know your CYA number before really knowing how much chlorine/bleach to add to get get SLAM levels but I'd go ahead and put a couple of gallons of 6% or higher in there and repeat the addition of the chlorine pretty much every few hours until you get your test...
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    Mosquito control chemicals and your pool

    Hmm, not a chemist but here's my take. I live in rural SoCal and purchase the concentrates of various pesticides & pre-emergents. When reading the labels on those it specifies a dilution rate based on targeted pests/coverage/etc. Most of the time it's 1oz-to-2oz per gallon of water, sometimes...
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    New Pool Blaster Max HD Li Battery Charger Headaches

    I agree with Rocket. I have learned to plug in the power side and then connect up the pool blaster. I have to sort of jiggle it to get a steady LED light sometimes. I am not sure I have ever heard mine "click", it just sort of sits in there and I hope it doesn't get bumped.
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    bugs in my skimmer

    Bowser, I have a similar setup. If you use a skimmer sick like us then the Skimmer Angel won't work as far as I know.
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    Dolphin M500 Filter Replacement?

    Thanks for the help guys. Really appreciate it. Good to know these things will last a long while if I take care of them. Looks like I'll just continue to rinse them properly and maybe, if needed, toss them in some TSP for a good soak.
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    Dolphin M500 Filter Replacement?

    Well that's a rabbit hole of a response I suspect but for me I think it's a cosmetic thing. I assume the slight yellow tinge is a sign of some sort of deterioration but is it significant enough for the functionality to be affected...I suspect not at this stage. Was just trying to get ahead of...