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    I think that’s what I’m going to do at the end of the swim season. Thanks.
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    Liner grime

    I know I’m probably asking a lot of things that have been asked before so I apologize ahead of time. Anybody have a suggestion on the best way to get rid of grime at the waterline on a vinyl above ground pool? Thanks
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    I have an intex ultraframe pool with the powder coated metal frame. It’s 2 years old and I’ve noticed areas of rust at the top where the tubes connect to the plastic joiners. Anybody know what I can do to keep them from rusting through? It is not salt water. Thanks.
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    I have an intex sand filter. As a rule of thumb how often should I backwash?
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    Double intake

    Thanks for the help
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    Double intake

    I have an 18 foot Intex pool. I recently bought a skimmer (intex). It came with a plug to close the other intake when running the skimmer (like the ones used when you vacuum). My question is, does it hurt the filter to run it an extended period with one of the intakes plugged? I don’t worry...