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    Pump stall error

    You can get to the impeller by first turning off the pump power and close any 3-way valves to the pad. Then open the clear lid to the pump basket and reach down into the pump inlet. With your fingertips you should be a flat, fan-shaped impeller than should rotate relatively easily by fingers.
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    TA question.

    Sounds as if your TA is indeed very close to being in a good, stable place. :goodjob: I suspect you're not seeing the TA fall much more because when you do add acid, it's not enough at one time to pull it down. On a separate note, even though this is an indoor pool, you might reconsider...
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    TA pH issues

    Paula, both the TF-100 and Taylor K-2006C are outstanding products. But IMO, the TF-100 is the better value (packed w/ Taylor reagents). If you can swing the magnetic speedstir, I highly encourage that as well.
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    Introduction: Greetings from East Texas

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    Black Algae and Skin Infections

    Hello and thank you for posting on TFP. :wave: I'm going to tag @JoyfulNoise for some assistance on this one. Have a nice day.
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    TA pH issues

    Sounds like there are a few things to discuss: 1. You must test your own water with either a TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C. While you may not feel confident right now, the only way to gain that confidence is by doing it and asking us if you have questions about either test. But each time you rely...
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    New Member, Dadeville, Alabama

    Hello Dave ad welcome to TFP! :wave:
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    Welcome to TFP! :wave: My guess is that you are still relying on pool store testing correct? We highly encourage you to test your own water to be sure. While your CYA may be high, store testing often gets that one wrong. But in short, the only way to lower CYA is to exchange water. Acid...
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    Pump not flowing water as it should after remodel

    Troy, it would be helpful if your signature listed all of your pool and equipment info. You should also post a pic or two of your equipment pad so we can see first-hand what you have there. Maybe that will help.
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    ok to raise chlorine while gone for a few days

    As water gets colder, the pH tends to rise a bit. In most cases, as long as your pH is in the recommended ranges of 7.2-7.8, you are fine. In addition, If you use the APP, you will see how water temp and pH really impact CSI. CSI is a good tool as well to understand how the water might...
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    ok to raise chlorine while gone for a few days

    Since our water temps are getting cooler, I wouldn't lower the pH any more than 7.2. That way when you do increase the FC, it will have a "temporary" effect on raising the pH, but then the pH will later go back to normal once the FC goes down in a few days.
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    ok to raise chlorine while gone for a few days

    Increasing your FC is just fine. Make sure to go to the and find your current CYA, then increase the FC as much as you wish up to SLAM level. With cooler water temps, it should hold just fine until you get back.
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    Newly Plastered Pool Closing Chemistry

    With new plaster, you need to let the pH rise up. A CSI of -0.55 is much too low. Don't try to adjust the TA at this time. Go ahead and close. The pH should rise up into the 8.0 - 8.5 range to help counterbalance the effects of cold water. Open as soon as you can to brush the plaster and...