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    What's your current pool temp?

    Mine was a wonderful 91° all on Solar power, even with a bad thunderstorm in the middle of the night. So nice to not have the heater running.
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    Heater service light

    Apparently there's a defrost that was on and has an "open". Turned that off since we aren't cooling and heat is working fine.
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    Heater service light

    Do we attempt to fix or is there still warranty? I'm guessing per your instructions there's no warranty. We've run it 10 times or so. Just lucky I guess.
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    CYA test says zero, but should I add more?

    I'm not help, but just wanted to say I lost all my CYA between September and May. I wasn't testing it those months and we have had tons of rain too. So my fear of CYA never leaving is gone. Lol I've been adding it in small doses because I'm still cautious. TLDR I'm in your situation too
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    Heater service light

    It says: Alarm status Low Ambient Temp My interpretation is just that. A heat pump pulls heat from the air. The outside temp is 73°, the water is 84°, the pump is set on 88°. So it's just saying nope there's no heat to pull from the air? Just want to be sure we don't actually need service...
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    CYA danger?

    Thank you everyone! I'll stick with TFP!
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    CYA danger?

    The CDC is now recommending that public pools reduce CYA. "the industry is starting to change about CYA. Some areas are already banning its use. Here’s an interesting article I also noticed CYA is a lot more costly...
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    Borates wanted

    Thank you. It's not here yet so I should be okay. I'm going with a half dose then the second half for testing and curiosity purposes
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    Borates wanted

    Also there's several threads that say it will go up slightly (experienced) So I'm asking am I too low to go with boric acid now?
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    Pool flooded HELP

    It's still raining slightly NW of you. Hope y'all aren't still getting it. Best of TFP luck! (Yes use that shock your other levels are probably all down too)
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    How Clear is TFP Clear? Let's See (Pics Please).

    It won't stop raining! I'm a TFP convert. So glad I found you. I used to have above ground and trusted the mom and pop store. I can remember $300 in chems most visits and that is years ago. So glad to have found you all!
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    Borates wanted

    Lol my fill water right now is a ton of rain. Do I need to catch and test?
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    Borates wanted

    Several times it says"Before you start on borates, adjust your TA level toward the low end of the appropriate range for your pool type. See the Recommended Levels chart for appropriate levels." I'm guessing borates raise levels. I've read the other threads as well which has lead to my...